Book Review: Romantic Bouncers by Ram Vignesh


Book : Romantic Bouncers

Author : Ram Vignesh

Plot : A place in the Indian cricket team – a dream for millions of teenagers. Rabin was one amongst them. He has passion and talent, but the odds aren’t always in his favour. The loss of loved ones and constant discouragements thwart him.Meanwhile, danger looms in the form of the most notorious drug cartel in Kolkata run by a vicious Hoariest Bung. A tale of desire and despair – the struggle of a cricketer behind the glamour of playing the game for a cricket crazed nation.(official synopsis)

Rating: 5/5

Review :

Bowled Over

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book to read and review

I am completely speechless as to what to say about this book as it has impressed me on so many levels. I am not sure how to tag this book. It has romance and a beautiful love story but is it a romance novel? Nope. It has a thrilling turns of events and a mystery unraveling in the backdrop. So is it a mystery/thriller? Not exactly. There is a story of perseverance, dreams and aspirations of a teen. SO it is a moral story or a drama. Nope ….Then what?

The truth is that the book is an amalgamation of a whole lot of things. There is a beautiful platonic love story for romance addicts , there is an investigative track for curious minds and lovers of mystery, there is an elegant story of friendship, life, struggles and everything in between for those who keep searching the meaning of life in books, they read. So in general there is something for every taste in the book which is nothing less of a brilliance from an author, to weave a story that could appeal to a wider audience and not standing to cater one particular genre of fiction. The book has used every element be it romance, whodunnit or drama but everything in moderation and blending perfectly with the general story line

There is a million things that i would like to say about this book as it touched me that effectively. In fact so intensely that i could not even cope with the death of a certain character and it instantly took me down. so you could well imagine how powerful the narration and characters were in this book.

The book is brilliant in its cast and core plot. The basic theme and story is so sharp and accommodating that you cant help yourself from immersing into it almost instantly and becoming a part of this world created by the author. Almost every character is vivid , almost to the point of being tangible. I guess its the power of story telling that makes you glued to the book and feel the emotions of loss, joy and pain along with its characters. yes the book was mind blowing and an amazing read for me but that does not mean i could not pin point flaw in the book. There was only one thing that bothered me. The book uses parallel narration technique. Past and present running together . Sometimes it was a bit muddled for me as to whether we were in the past or present. To be honest, i am not sure how the author could rectify this trouble since he has marked the past and present using different chapters for both but still sometimes i did find the parallel lines blurring to collide into each other.. but to be fair this is tiny enough to easily overlook

I am absolutely in awe of how the author has picked up a theme and justified it in such elaboration. The whole book is based upon the theme of cricket and every page jumps out with this passion for the sport so much that it makes you want to at least google about cricket. i being an Indian, cricket lies thwarted in our blood and all it takes is a match on TV or a book like this to come along and awaken the hidden passion for cricket. Anything and everything in this book comes down to cricket and even the romance too is wrapped up in a “cherry red kookaburra” cricket ball. I love how the author does not force feed us all the cricket trivia or his triumph over english language. Author has impressively focused on solely developing a well round and appealing story rather than wasting efforts on irrelevant aspects that tampers a good writing.

The book is all about one man’s passion. Passion for life. Passion for the game and apparently its the passion that speaks loudly in the book. Be it the passion of our central character or the passion of our author towards his story.

The story of “Rabi” is so intriguing that you never realize how far you have been drowning yourself deep into his world that even his fictional pain, losses and joys starts invoking strong emotions in you and this only happens when the author has a good story telling skills sharpened with powerful narration technique and free flowing language. Powerful story. Powerful characters. Powerful narration. In whole a Power packed book.