Book Review : The Second Coming by Shubha Menon

71Tr0uVqlJLBook: The Second Coming

Author: Shubha Menon

Plot : Mini as a wedding planner is one of the most talented brains out there. While professionally she is at a golden spot, its her personal life that is loosing its charm. A husband that would spend time with his television rather than with her. A weight that defies everything she does and keeps on increasing and then the dreaded “Old age” nearing all is making Mini antsy. All she wants now is to find somebody to sweep her away and show her the lost romance in her life and as if fate has answered her yearnings, she gets a big project in a new state away from everything and as a cherry to the cake, her project partner is nothing less to a Greek God…so will MIni be swept away by prince charming or high waves of a hot and secret affair?

Rating: 4/5


Naughty, Quirky and Light

A huge thanks to the author for sending me a copy of the book and that too in such an amazing speed. i remember sending a mail saying how i would love to read her book and next thing i know i had the copy in my hand…and that by Indian standards in nothing less of a divine intervention..

The second coming is a true blood ” Mills & Boons” romance but with a quirky treatment. Fans of M&B will find this one absolutely scrumptious.

The book was funny, light and naughty. Many will be widening their eyes and mouth over the theme of the book which basically tells the tale of a married woman looking for an extra marital romance in her life. Yes the theme itself can irk many but to be frank, i found it funny and stress relieving and could not be bothered with the moral aspects of the story plot. Its fiction and i would take it as one only.

This is kitty club stuff… 😉

The language apart from using “Hinglish” here and there (which is one major aspect i hate in indian fictions) and maybe couple of hindi/punjabi dialogues, was fairly good and supportive to the story. Narration is what scores in the book. The author uses light rendition for her narration which means there is nothing that requires you to go brain shopping or indulge in heavy thinking. The kind of story telling used in the book helps you sit back and relax and enjoy a pure chick-lit in all its glamour and spiciness and hotness of romance.

i have never much liked M&B books but somehow this book gave me a very quirky read and that too at a great time as i have been really piling on books that catered to some heavy topics and then this book comes along as a breath of fresh air.

Let me warn you that The Second Coming is a pure chick lit. In fact more on the lines of Mills & Boons so if you are not a big fan of this genre then step away rather than picking it up and then cribbing later. For ladies out there, hop on, be a little naughty with the author and the characters of the book. The book is sweet, naughty, quirky and absolutely light and easy read.(i am seriously over abusing these words but honestly there is no other words that can describe this book). The narration technique makes it fun and language is good too and basic plot …. that i am leaving for individual perception