Book Review : From Where I See by Ajay Yadav

515LD3OqtsL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Book: From Where I See

Author: Ajay Yadav

Plot: Ajay’s life takes a different direction all of a sudden when he is taken in for questioning under the suspicion of his best friend’s murder and through the course of journey in the past, the author touches upon a lot of topics that are relevant to our modern day lifestyle. Everything from feminism to creating that utopian world, we all desire, nothing is out of reach from this discussion

Ratings: 5/5


Its not a book, it’s a treasure house

First of all a huge thanks to the author for sending me a copy of the book and secondly thank you for introducing me to such an amazing work.

I think i have wasted 12 years of my life in school when what i should have done was to indulge in a conversation with the author as his book has taught me more than all my teachers combined.

“From where I see” though starts out as a work of fiction is much more than that. It is history, it is spiritual and it is motivational. In short it is a treasure hunt of thoughts on a whole lot of topics. This book drew me in quick and got me immersed completely for three straight days opening my eyes to a whole lot of facts and thought process. This is one of those books that actually make me glad for sticking to my addiction for books.

The book starts with a fiction format opening to a suspenseful event and through the help of flashbacks the author conveniently draws you to hot and volatile topics from feminism to religion to political inadequacies.

Had it been any other book, the readers would have categorized this book as non-fiction and called it preachy and that is where my admiration for the author stands strong because by picking up a thriller story plot he has shared his thoughts, values and in depth knowledge of various topics pretty convincingly

This book is like a thousand books amalgamated into one. I have never learnt so much in my entire life as much as I did from 400 pages of “From where I see”. No history teachers or religious guides had managed to tell me things that the author had done through his book. In fact I am so impressed with the book and the writing that if today somebody asks me as to who would be that one person that you would like to have a conversation with then I would gladly opt for the author because through this book he had answered so many of my questions… like why the need of veil for women in Islam or at least how it all begin ? Or how come one dhoti clad, lanky guy be a major factor in the independence of a country as wide and vast as ours? Why physical infidelity irks men while just the thought of her man looking at a different women make any women murderous?

Unlike many authors who share their insights on different topics, what the author does is substantiating his thoughts, claims with worthwhile proofs and quoting relatable examples. I believe every one of us should at least give the book a try because there are so many things that is discussed in the book that will make you question things that you believed was true and has been following blindly. There is no forced school of thought. Anything discussed is validated properly and yet open for you own interpretation. It has been treated in a way that you feel it is an open discussion and not screaming of personal thoughts to muffle all other opinions.

Honestly the topic and content was so strong that I could barely look beyond it to judge the plot, narration or even the language. These are the kind of books that can instigate the goodness of literary epiphany.

For me this book was a whole lot more than a work of fiction. It was education, it was eye-opener, it was a revelation. So many history lessons, that I have exhausted two pens taking down the notes.

True to author’s warning, it is much more than fiction. It starts out with a thriller plot but as the author draws a flashback he takes you through so many topics that he very cunningly teaches you so many facts, opens your eyes to facts of world that you forcefully shut your eyes to. Yes in the middle the basic plot takes a back seat but I will not complain because the book educates me a lot that I don’t care what the book started out as but I cannot deny the brilliance of the author who did wrap up what he started so convincingly and yet vented out all his thoughts on various topics under the cover of fiction.