Movie Review : The Duff

Movie: The Duff
Starring: Mae Whitman, Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell, Allison Janney
Plot: Based on the book by Kody Keplinger by the same name, Duff is the story of Bianca who suddenly decides to strike back and change her life after she realizes that she falls under the category of D.U.F.F- The Designated Ugly Fat Friend.
Rating: 4/5
I basically picked up the book by kody koplinger because the movie was coming out and I had to read the book before the movie hit the screen but i think that was not necessary since the movie is nothing like the book or the book is nothing like the movie. In fact both seems to be resident of two different genre
To be honest I was a bit eager to see as to how they are going to portray the questionable character of Bianca in the movie and when I finally saw the movie I understood how. By changing the whole script and core of the book .
For those who have read the book and wanted to see the big screen rendition of the book, the movie is going to be a little disappointing since the movie is nowhere near to the original book and the only things that are common between the book and the movie is probably three or four central characters and the original name of the book and the similarities end everything is new and totally opposite to the book. Where the book was a realty check on teen life and issues, the movie was a fairy tale, Disney version. Basically a happy go lucky thing ..
Now if you do not relate the movie with the book then you have  a sweet little teen movie that is funny, cute, fast , predictable and a good entertainer but then the whole first half of the movie seemed unscripted as if the actors were told to do their own thing and let the camera capture it because certain times the dialogues and the expressions are all here and there. Dialogues seems to be random and uncoordinated and just taking it as it pops in head
In spite of everything I would say that it is a simple,fun ,entertaining movie, worthy for a weekend movie night with your girlfriends and nothing much more than that. And if you are wondering whether you should read the book before watching the movie then the answer is No. Don’t bother with the book because there is no relation between both.