The Scribe (Irin Chronicles #1) by Elizabeth Hunter

18298132Book: The Scribe (Irin Chronicles #1)

Author: Elizabeth Hunter

Plot: Ava Matheson is in istanbul as part of her job and also to seek answers to the questions that has been troubling her all life. As soon as she lands, there is a shadow that keeps following her and pretty soon this shadow becomes the only one that is between her and the dangers that is prying on her in the dark, secretive alleys of Istanbul. Secrets come rushing in and amidst this she falls for the one guy who is nothing but mystery personified.

Rating: 3.5/5


The usual recipe

The book to me did not seem any different from the ubiquitous paranormal romance piling up on the shelves these days. The treatment, the core theme and development all remained the same wherein the only difference lay with the detailing and settings of the plot. Although the characters are a little more complex and developed, the book remained fairly predictable.

The book did start differently and in fact in a fashion that I could not have seen it falling for the same old theme till it crossed two chapters and then the book pretty quickly hopped on to that same old band wagon of  “you were born different and with power to protect the world”  which makes me wonder what does it mean to be “born different” because as much as my small brain works we all are born differently and remain different from each other. At least that’s what make us humans interesting right? That we all are poles apart from each other?

Anyways back to the book

As said the plot is predictable but come to think of it , it also serves the same problem that other books, I have encountered in this genre does, “conveniently wrapping up the paranormal world in one page”. There is no coherent detail of the paranormal world that forms the basis of the book. It is all in bits and parts spread throughout the book left for the readers to pick up the traces.

Language is good and so is the narration power. Simple elegant and enjoyable as far as you are not overly drained by reading the redundant paranormal genre

The book as such has nothing new to offer except for the different setting and a tweak here and there in the main story. The book in general is everything that you may have read in other paranormal romances but if you are new to this genre then yes this book will be a fairly good book with strong range of characters and illustrious backdrop of Istanbul but for regulars in this genre like me, the book remains an usual recipe. Language, plot development and the narration power is good and pretty supportive for the book.