Book Review: Life had Other Plans by Munish Dhawan


Book: Life had Other Plans

Author: Munish Dhawan

Plot: What makes the advertising world so glamorous and interesting? Is it the creativity or the range of quirky yet artistic people that makes this world so illustrious?. Meet Nik who has just landed a job in country’s one of the most sort after Advertising agency. What awaits him is just not the creative challenges of the field but a bunch of characters that will change his life forever. Join the adventures of Nik in this crazy world of Advertising set in India

Rating: 4/5


 It grows on you

First of all a huge thanks to the author for contacting me and suggesting this book to me 

When I started reading this book, believe me, I had a long list of things that I had scribbled on my notepad that had to go in the “not working” column of this book but after I was through with the book, the list was torn into pieces and lying somewhere in a trash can because even after completing the book, the characters refused to leave my head. I was still walking around with the hangover of the book

The book is a fine mixture of hits and misses. Lots of things work for it while others not so much, so for a fair treatment I am going to break the review into sections and then discussing it

Plot: In a general context, there is no plot per say. The whole book is a collection of fond memories and not a actual plot as such. The book is like a TV series. Each chapter is like an episode with a proper start and ending and you move on to next one and it’s a new episode with a new start and beginning. Each chapter is a certain event discussed and does not actually continue from the last chapter. Initially this irked me but later I started picking it up one chapter at a time and I was having an amazing time. It started becoming my stress buster because believe it or not, the book is light hearted, humorous and easy going if you do not treat it with scholarly and literary glasses.

Narration: Like I said before, the chapters are in blocks and hence there is no continuity in the whole book but each chapter treated separately is a fun ride and majorly because of the quick and quirky narration supporting the events and thoughts described in the book. The end result becomes cute and fun

Language: Now this was one of the major factors and star elements in my “not working” column for the book. This book shared the same problem I had with other Indian authors and I hate that they all adopt this culture in the writing. “Hinglish” is not a language. At least not for a book and should not be treated like one. Phew !! now that it is out of my chest, the book in the beginning also tend to use a whole lot of synonym and hard biters in the vocabulary that the reading wasn’t going exactly smooth . There are at times when certain colloquial phrases or sentences were translated word for word in English and ended up being a victim of “lost in translation” but eventually the book got me real bad that I started loving the quirky narration and even hinglish. It so happened that by the end the language played a crucial point in making me love the book since certain things said in hindi were able to convey the mood and the feelings much more effectively that its western counterpart

Characters: WOW !! Undoubtedly the highlight of the book. Its been days since I have finished reading this book and yet I can’t shake off the characters; chandi maa, ratty, Nik, handsome and rest of the cast from my head. SO you can imagine how well they have been sketched in the book that they stay with you for so prolonged time. The book outshines with the quality and depth of the characters.

A cherub book that is what this book is for me with being cute, fat, funny and adorable that it practically rents a place in your brain, especially the characters.

The ending of the book made me both roll on the floor with how the author played me the whole time and in awe too.

I am unable to judge this book as a whole because in parts this book is amazing. The treatment and style of the book was certainly different from other Indian authors I have read. The book is collection of memories so coherence is an issue so my advice to you is to pick it up one chapter at a time and you will enjoy it like watching a small episodes. Illustrious and rich characters, Beautiful and eventful second half all add up to the reason as to why this book would be a good idea. Give the book a bit time and it grows on you. In the end i would say that even with all the cribbing i loved this book