Book Review: Take Me Out At The Ballgame by Kevin D’Onofrio


Book: Take Me Out At The Ballgame

Author: Kevin D’Onofrio

Plot: Its the opening season of baseball games and no hot blooded baseball fan could stay away from watching their favorite team bring home the championship. The tickets are selling faster than you could blink but amidst all these excitement and baseball fever something strange is happening. Suddenly there are reports of many over enthusiastic fans dying of heart attack. While this could have escaped as a onetime incident when the bodies start piling up, the nation goes into a frenzy and once packed stadiums are now running vacant and devoid of its zealous fans. so what exactly is happening this baseball season?

Rating: 5/5


One after another of those best shots

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

Somebody please wake me up from the dream because it has to be a dream if i have fallen for a book that was based on sports and running around singing “hallelujah”

This is the second book that i am reading from the author’s workhouse and i am amazed at his creative skill of mixing two streams with such perfection. Sports and crime fiction. As mentioned before in my review of his previous book, the author has a clear passion for sports but its how elegantly he has incorporated his love for the game in a well etched thriller plot is what making my jaw hit the floor. i am not a big sports fan and even i can’t help fall for the book and see an ounce of passion for sports sprouting in me so i can only imagine what a sports fan will feel about this book.

The book may speak volumes about its love for the game but first and foremost this book is a thriller and you will not be disappointed.In this novella you also get to see a small but beautifully threaded romance too that can touch your heart.

The language is crisp and elegant and the narration has a velvety touch to it that keeps you well hooked to it

I love how the author uses sports background for his works, making him not only stand apart but his research works or knowledge about the field helps him in a very thorough and effective storytelling. You have to appreciate the author for not derailing from the main story path with all the details. The book very gently opens your eyes to very many facts of the game in question and yet never forgets that it has a story to tell.

As a true thriller master, the story goes through every sieve to retain its credibility and authenticity and in this short novella it glues your body and mind thoroughly with a very unique and crafty storytelling. The language and narration is of refined quality and honestly i don’t think i have anything to say that is working against the book or the author. He is definitely on my watch list. I am waiting to see what else he can bring in his future works.