Book Review: Silent Scream (D.I. Kim Stone, #1) by Angela Marsons


Book: Silent Scream (D.I. Kim Stone, #1)

Author: Angela Marsons

Plot: First there was the murder of a school principal and then came the case of another murder by a slashed throat and both shared a familiar background of having worked in a children’s home that was burned to ashes years ago but when there is a third body, the case takes a very deadly shape and Kim Stone will go to any lengths to find out the truth behind the sudden murder of all these previous employees of a burned children’s home even if it means digging up bones

Rating: 5/5


This one screams loud and clear for you to take notice

WOW !! i mean WOW !!

I am in awe of the central character and no doubt i am going to follow her to the end of the earth which in turn means i simply love the author and her penmanship. This book has so many things that is upholding it so elegantly.

It has a very strong, rock solid plot to begin with and then there is the fierce female character that is epitome of everything i love to see and read about, but would run thousand miles away from in real life.

There is a bit irregularity in the beginning with the narration which basically comes from sudden popping of so many characters and no proper introductions and then there is the overlapping of official names and pet names of each characters creating a little bit of confusion


That is nothing compared to how fantastically weaved the book in general is. As a warning let me tell you that the topic of the book is not very pleasant and has lots of graphics and gruesome details but then i can completely believe something of this nature happening in the very backyard of our houses.

The treatment of the thriller is so impeccable and fresh that you will enjoy reading and proceeding along with the characters in the book. Unlike other investigative thrillers, this does not go into magical solving mode but rather a practical and deduced approach and no wonder this book is currently enjoying a number best seller position in police procedural fiction category

The book is a superbly treated investigative thriller enhanced by a highly volatile and dynamic central character. This is a true thriller/investigative thriller which deals with a very gruesome case but at the same time provides you one of the best reads. Something in the book definitely draws you bad to it, that you want to finish it before getting up. The author has definitely stolen my literary heart.