Book Review : The Nibelung Gold by Koos Verkaik

verkaik_releaseBook: The Nibelung Gold

Author: Koos Verkaik

Plot: Wolf and his friend had been always interested in the paranormal activities. They had spent a whole lot of time and money researching on the truth but they never thought that one woman would change their views and beliefs so much that they would end up losing their lives and everything valuable

Rating : 3.5/5

A bit complex

A huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book

This is the second book from the author that i am reading (first book being “ Heavenly Vision ” )and one thing i am learning is that the author’s brain works in mysterious ways. The themes of the both his works that i have read so far had shown a powerful imagination and analytical skills but even though at one hand it is really impressive, when it comes to a fiction, this same factor turns out to be an obstacle as well.

One cannot stop admiring the way that the author puts a strong research and complex methodology to story telling but somehow i saw the book turning more into a technical report than a simple easy breezy read. But then for a mature audience who would love to read something complex this book is an amazing read. This book demands your time, logic and reasoning part of you brain to be well polished and sharpened.

The language is good but narration is a bit complex and intricate and those who are looking for a quick read wont find this fun. The book goes deeper into the plot and becomes technical sans a little bit of fun and easiness for the liking of the wider audience. This book will definitely appeal to a specific set of audience especially those who are looking for a solid brain storming

For me personally i loved the story themes and the gradual development but at the same time due to a little bit bland and technical narration it required a bit of patience from me to sit through. one has to have good concentration and time to actually enjoy the book.

The book is not a quick read. When picking up the book, make sure that you have enough time to devote as the themes and treatment of the book is bit complex and way too intricate. The language is good but its the narration that dulls a bit. The book as of now sounds more of a complex research work on a particular theme but at the end i cant stop admiring the brain power of the author. Its his thinking that has bowled me over than the book itself 😉