Three Tales of Vampires (A Tale of Vampires 1-3) by John Hennessy


Book: Three Tales of Vampires (A Tale of Vampires 1-3)

Author: John Hennessy

Plot: Collection of John Hennessy’s first three novels in the Tale of Vampire series, Murderous little darlings, The blood and the raven and Innocent while she sleeps

Rating: 5/5



There is not enough power in the word Thank you to actually express my gratitude towards the author for introducing me to such a wonderful series.

While today when our vampires are busy playing with their hair and sharpening their fangs, making it extra crispy and white, somewhere in the grave Bram stoker is wishing that he could return as a vampire so that people can understand what an actual vampire stands for. Don’t worry Mr. Stoker we have taken care of things for you.

Three tales of Vampires is the collection of the original novella that brings you these set of vampires that will make you fear the very word vampire rather than see diamonds and bushes and red contact lenses.

These novella are so intricately weaved and connected to each other that you cannot afford to lose the track. What starts with the first returns back in the third book in a complete firework. Each characters in these short stories are much stronger and impressive than many voluminous books out there. Each story ends with shocking revelations that you cant stop from jumping into the next book.

The language and the narration is simply gripping and for me its the plot and the characters that add color to this whole series. This is one series that you have to follow if you are a huge vampire fan. i would like to say it is the revival of the classic vampires. As gory and vicious and hungry as they were created yet every bit emotionally attachable

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