Book Review : The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter, #1) by K.S. Marsden


Book: The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter, #1)

Author: K.S. Marsden

Plot: For Centuries there had been a prophecy circulating in the world of Witch and Witch hunters that a powerful witch would rise bringing this whole world to an end and nobody would have the power enough to stand against her for she would be the most powerful of all. The Shadow Witch. And now the Shadow has risen. On the other side of this war, Hunter, a witch hunter and one of his kind and heir to a powerful lineage, suddenly find himself helpless and powerless. what happened that made this vicious witch hunter so vulnerable.

Rating: 5/5

Spell bound by the witches

First of all a huge thanks to the author and the next novel team for introducing me to this wonderful series and for providing me with the copy of the book and secondly a huge hug for writing this book, which has not only floored me completely but have also left me craving for its sequels. The book has escalated to “my all time favorite trilogy” shelf

The shadow rises, true to its theme, did indeed cast its spell on me and I was completely hooked to the book from its very introductory page to the end without dropping the intrigue level.

There are rarely any books, in my experience, that makes you say “oh this is so going to be my favorite” from mere three sentences of its opening chapter and this book was one of it.

The master element in the success of this book, according to me, has to be the velvety narration. The language was simply marvelous. Pure velvet in execution. It runs flawlessly, conveying everything vividly and perfectly with no unnecessary or irrelevant piles of data or hovering over “how one is feeling” aka emotions and feelings. It is crisp, to the point and yet detailed enough to make you absorb the story.

The plot is good. Even Though the initial twists and turns were fairly predictable, there was a particular turn in the story that caught even me by surprise since I was not expecting it and because of that alone I would like to give the author a loud applaud because you made me actually say “ wait what?…. rewind that for me again”.

The book scores with simplicity yet standing way far from the usual witchery tales. A brilliant language and storytelling skill makes this a fun and enjoyable read. It is fast, gripping, and short and sweet with every ingredient mixed perfectly. I can’t wait for its sequels, not because the author left a huge cliff hanger, but simply because I am in love with the author’s story telling magic.