Book Review: The Shadow Falls (Witch-Hunter, #3) by K.S. Marsden


Book: The Shadow Falls (Witch-Hunter, #3)

Author : K.S. Marsden

Plot: After the battle that took place in the last book, the world is now under the dominant and Oppressive rule of the shadow witch and after what happened in the last battle, Hunter is now prepared to go to any extreme to take back the control and bring back order to the world and to bring an end to the shadow witch and he is out looking for a method that was use to kill the previous shadow hunter

Rating: 5/5


why didnt you write my school books.. i could have aced my tests easily

i think at this point a mere thank you would not suffice but yeah i guess i will stick with thank you for now. So A HUGE THANK YOU to the author for providing me with the copy

Right now what i am feeling is something like this

i am so overwhelmed and speechless that i am not sure what to say about this book.

The whole reason why i love this book is because of its narration. It is exactly the kind that i look for in any book. Simple, elegant and dynamic. Even if the language is simple, the things that it say is far from simple.

I believe half the battle is won if you are able to convey your thoughts to your readers with perfection which is thoroughly achieved by this book

Why oh why … why didnt you write my school books… if you had written it i would have at least read it once ;(

The book has kept each characters intact and equally strong as they started out in the first book and if anything you could see a natural progression to all these characters and then there is a whole new bunch of characters, compensating for the lose of all your beloved characters (oops did i just give away a spoiler)
Some may argue that the end was not what they were expecting or that it was abrupt… Trust me i had the same feeling initially but when i pondered over it…i felt it was the perfect way or the only way to close a terrific series

Going by the words of Navessa Allen, the reviewer/author
This is an author who could write a phone book for me 😉

The beauty of this series is its simple and silky narration that manages to tell a beautiful story. The finale of this trilogy was perfect in every sense. Loose ends had been tied up in the best way they could and characters have evolved and got more interesting with new things to look forward. In short everything is perfect about this whole series for me. i think i have fallen in love with the author.. The best part as i keep repeating is its narration power that keeps the story spiced up and entertaining.



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