Book Review: Chances Choices Changes Death by Connie Knight


Book: Chances Choices Changes Death

Author: Connie Knight

Plot: A quaint little town is startled by the murder of one of their daughters. Myra Cade was a gentle soul, single mother taking care of both her father and her son but lives of many are about to change as she is found dead and her body is discovered discarded.

Rating: 4/5


A Different Perspective Treatment

First of all a huge thanks to the author and her team especially P.J. Nunn for providing me with a copy of the book to read and review

I have read a whole lot of murder mysteries but somehow i found the treatment of this book a bit different. The author has tried to pick up the plot of the book after a horrible murder and leads us into the whole story gradually showing us how the rest of the family members and the people related to the victim cope with this event and how all these lives get affected directly and indirectly.

Though it is more on emotional side i love how the author had kept it simple and the thriller air intact rather than riding this book solely on emotions and feelings of each of these characters.

The book is not focused essentially on who the murderer is but, on the ways it is affecting everything around and meanwhile taking us to the killer. So yes in that regards i would say it was a little different and fun to read.

The author has kept the language simple and the narration smoother too. There are points when the book goes fluttering with events that are kind of irrelevant to the plot but luckily unlike other authors who do this, Connie Knight does not make it worse and still retains a good strength to the overall book

The book is a murder mystery that does not revolve around the mystery but on the family and friends survived by the victim. It still maintains the mystery and suspense level to an extent but it is more of an emotional perspective. The book fortunately does not drag too much and proceeds with an easy and breezy narration keeping the book alive.