Book Review: The Murderer’s Smile by Kevin D’Onofrio

Book: The Murderer’s Smile

Author: Kevin D’Onofrio

Plot: He had everything. A loving family. A successful career. Money, fame, followers, in fact so much that there were billboards all around the country that proclaimed him to be “The most trusted man”. All that until he was arrested for the murder of his pregnant wife and son. How did the most trusted man and popular News Anchor went on to become “The Death Anchor” ? and most importantly. Did he really kill his wife?

Ratings: 5/5


Captive Narration

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book

The best part of the book is undoubtedly its narration skill. The book opens right into a fire and takes us gradually through the entire book with a seat gluer narration. It has been really long since I have read a thriller book of this nature as its pure murder mystery that makes you keep guessing and asking who did it ?

Two things are clear for me from the book . One. The author is a huge sports addict. How do I know it? Well because it is written on his author bio plus anytime there is anything remotely related to sports you can see the author’s knowledge and passion for the field pouring out in the book from miles away and it is actually done in a way that even the non sports fan will go wide and teary eyed in awe. Secondly the author is one amazing storyteller who can tell you the story of the most brutal elements in a fashion that grandmas tell you about snow white and fairies.

I like the technique of opening the book with a meaty event for the readers to dive right into it and then going back to the basics, soaking us completely and before we know we are swimming with the sharks with all the twists and the turns thrown at the story progresses. After a really long time I am finally faced with a book that keeps me guessing the killer. So in that regards it is a good old fashion murder mystery with all its purity and goodness.

Plot is stronger because of the characters. A great amount of work has been done to make our central characters stand tall and it shows in the book. The character portrayal is vivid enough to help you feel their emotions. One of the things I noticed in the book is that there are no chapter segregation to it. The entire book is enclosed in one single continuous narration. Does it create a problem?. No absolutely not because I myself noticed it at the end of the book. It keeps you flowing with the story rather than breaking and distracting you. Its like you never get your breath back till the very end

This is a fantastic thriller. If you are a fan of good old murder mystery then this is your book. It goes smooth with enough layers to keep you guessing but not going over the top with details to ruin your fun. Language is superb, clean and simple. Almost fluid in quality. The best part is the storytelling skill. The author is a master when it comes to narrating stories. Its simple , elegant and complex enough to make it a good murder mystery.