Book Review: The Silent Scream by Siddhartha Garg


Book: The Silent Scream

Author: Siddhartha Garg

Plot: Child Sexual Abuse is increasing at an alarming rate and sadly there has been no evident actions strong enough to tackle it. Siddhartha Garg, through various real life examples and stories shows us the face of this evil that is standing tall and strong in the society, especially indian society and yet nobody paying a second glance at it.

Rating: 5/5


An arrow straight to the heart

A huge thanks to the author for contacting me and recommending this book to me.

Warning: My Review is going to superrrrrrrr long… please bear !!!

I bow to you.

I bow to you for standing up and supporting a cause that clearly this country does not bothers itself with since it has much more important issues to tackle with like filling their own pockets with the aid of corruption and extortion or stomping the less privileged or gossiping about the next cricket match on TV or the next movie release from their favorite star

I bow to you for not being one of those who would talk about the malicious world that we live in today and would whine how rotten our country is, how vile our society is over a cup of tea and snacks served by maybe a 10 year old child and then forgets about it as soon as they enter the comforts of their homes.

I bow to you for actually taking a step rather than just taking it up as another gossip or conversation topic

The topic in discussion is child sexual abuse which is something that unfortunately India overlooks or refuses to believe is an actual threat and I was clearly clueless as to how hollow our law systems are against this vile until the author pointed out the rules prevalent in its exact form as per our constitution.

It is just not the child abuse that is so downplayed but even the laws pertaining to rape seemed to be a mockery when the author made me open my eyes and look at it in his book

Silent Scream is not a work of fiction but is actually a case study that starts with one story moving on to various real life examples of child abuse happening all across this country and then an entire case study of the rules prevalent, the changes that needs to be incorporated, the psyche of perpetrators, victims and also possible ways to work with this. I love the way that the author has not let his emotions override what he wanted to say in his book and remained neutral for the readers to bring their own judgments. His work touches the right chords, points and questions the essentials

The author seemed to be my alter ego in print because the author had said and asked the exact same things that I have been screaming for years now like

“ Why tell girls how to dress or behave when it is clearly the boys and the men who should be taught how to treat a woman ”

“ Why get married and bore child for the sake of it when you should be bringing a child to this world, only when you are fully prepared and strong enough to shoulder and take on this responsibility ”

(stop believing and imparting the idea that the whole purpose of human existence is to copulate….not its not…if that had been the case then we would not have been given that thing called brain… Animals do the same thing without having brains so what makes us different if we are here for the same? )

“ Why can’t we talk about sex and educate our children about it when we are a land that itself brought the culture of Kamasutra ?. Why put a lid over such an important aspect of live and not talk about the dos and donts of sex.

Teachers wash their hands off from this responsibility saying it is the parent’s duty and parents wash off saying that their kids are too young and naïve to understand even if these kids are out their downloading porn, molesting or abusing another individual and even worse getting abused without even knowing they are being abused

I was so shocked that in a country that is so biased towards its women population, the author being a man has voiced things that should put every men and women to shame for not speaking it loud.

I am pretty argumentative when it comes to the men of this country and the world itself so I will run into an essay mode if I start talking about it. Let’s just say that I strongly believe that

Men had this world in their hands ever since its birth.

Have showed us that all they can do is bring chaos and bloodshed whether its power struggle, various kinds of abuses or slashing throats over ego.

So it’s high time that this world should hand itself over to the women folk.

So coming back to the book

The Silent Scream is a case study that narrates the cruelty of child abuse and its impacts with a neutral voice so as to give the readers their freedom to form an opinion. It points out the existing system, forms of abuse with examples and the way it had been talked and treated around so far. It also brings what is required of our society to take a stern stand against it.A very strong mirror to this social cause.

I salute and bow to the author and most importantly thank him for making me a part of it, no matter how minuscule my area of work is. Thank you for standing up and voicing it so loud