Book Review: Constricted (Flawed #1.1) by Becca J. Campbell


Book: Constricted (Flawed #1.1)

Author: Becca J. Campbell

Plot: A short novella of the series flawless and elongating on the first book of the series, Empath, Constricted is the version of Logan where he is in turmoil over his feelings for Jade and trying to cope with his secrets

Rating: 4.5/5


Short, sweet and adorable

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the ARC copy of the book to read.

If you have read Empath and have always wondered about the character of Logan, then this book will help you understand him a little more. I am saying a little more because this is not exactly a biography of Logan per say but a glance into a particular period of his life and that is why I loved this book.

If you haven’t read the first book, Empath please step away from this review and this book and come back later when you have read it and for the rest of us who have read Empath, this book is actually a short window to what happened to Logan between the time he disappeared and re emerged in the first book

Constricted amazed me with the fact that the author managed to pull out a solid novella out of a short event mentioned in the first book and held me till the very last page. I would like to clarify that if you are looking for any particular kind of events or actions, then there is nothing of such sorts in the book. Constricted is basically explaining as to what happened to Logan or what made Logan to change his mind and come back to profess his feelings towards Jade.

In Empath, it is only shown that something had changed in Logan and this book takes us to that change. If you think that the book is all going to be whining and emotional bursts then you will be shocked to see that you actually end up learning a whole lot about Logan and turning pages. That is why I am in awe of the narration and language that kept me glued to it and also having a strong substance even in these short pages.

To love this book or to pick this book you have to have read Empath because if you read this book as a standalone,things might not interest you as much as to those who know about the characters mentioned in the book

Constricted is a short novella that picks on a very small but crucial part of the first book Empath and explains it in detail about the turn of events that happened then. The followers of the series will be able to finally have a better insight into Logan’s world (though not that detailed…but enough to give you a peace of mind). Good language and narration makes this a quick and sweet read and a good addition to this series.