Book Review: Dream the Crow’s Black Dream (A Tale of Vampires, #4) by John Hennessy


Book: Dream the Crow’s Black Dream (A Tale of Vampires, #4)

Author: John Hennessy

Plot: It was just one innocent night of story telling but that night turned out to be his worst nightmare so much that Seth had never managed to recover from its aftereffect. The Blood and the Raven was just not a spooky urban tale but a real terror that had haunted Seth’s life. Things get ugly when the characters of his story visits him to turmoil his life and threaten his loved ones

Rating: 5/5



First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book and secondly for being such an amazing person apart from being a fantastic author and finally i have to admit that i am slowly getting terrified with the way your brain works because each of your books comes with elements that slowly haunts and refuses to leave for a long time. Its a miracle that i am not screaming in my sleep ;)… I bow to you for the same and also for the dedication page

John Hennessy is one author that i can count on to surprise me every time. I am till date finding it difficult to pen down what exactly his technique is or how his next work probably would be like. I have been following this series religiously and still if you ask me what exactly do i think will the next book be like, i will raise my hands in surrender because i have no clue as to how the author will strike next.

The author keeps evolving so much that it is difficult to track his growth. The book has come way too far from the first book.

The entire series is a collection of short novellas, but the way each book comes with a story that though is different and new for the respective order of the series, is at the same time very cunningly interlinked with the previous three books. If you are planning to read this one thinking that it is a small book and necessarily would not require you to follow the entire series, then you are wrong as by the fourth book, the plot is so inter-weaved that you have to have read the previous books and to be accustomed with all these re visiting characters

The fourth book has gone on to become more complex and trickier. While previous books was still easier, this one has so many components to it that you can’t stop from pointing out the cunning way in which the author has linked the fourth book to the second and first book. The language is fantastic and for me personally its the story that scores. The way the story rotates and leaves scope for the next releases and yet wrapping up this phase of the book is simply amazing.

As i told before i am scared to see what the author will bring in his next books because as of now there are a whole lot of threads that are left to tie and i love how the author is gradually tying up the ends as he moves through the sequels making the readers stick to the series and wait and watch as to how all these will finally culminate… i am just waiting for the last book to see how all these characters will come together for their finale..

If you can predict unpredictably in any authors, John is one of them. The entire series is a surprise run one after another. To thoroughly enjoy the books, keep all the sequels and prequels close together because each book is intertwined and you never know which character will revisit to pay you a shocking visit. The plot is the star of the series. You need to be following the series religiously to enjoy it as by the fourth book, things have taken a different route and have gone more into depth, which gives its followers a treatful read. The language and narration is smooth and captive.