Book Review: Bound by Sacrifice (The Road to Ruin, #1) by Reyna Pryde


Book: Bound by Sacrifice (The Road to Ruin, #1)

Author: Reyna Pryde

Plot: A deal with the Devil can never result in good results and Acelynn is learning it the hard way. She had to trade her soul in return for her sister’s safety but that came for a bigger price than she expected. Acelynn is pursued by Devil who is giving her one last chance of redemption by killing none other Satan’s own son. Failing which not only she be forced to be Satan;s queen but also loose her sister.

Rating: 3/5


Bad Star cast in a potentially Good book

First of all thanks to the Read and reap it Program run by the Shut Up and Read Community on Goodreads and then to the author herself for providing me with the copy of the book to read and review

Before i say anything, i have to applaud the author for the basic theme that she have used in the book. i have seen very rare books…in fact almost to nil where the legacy of Cain, Abel and Lilith all come together at one place. There are quite a few tales and folklore she has used that was quite interesting to read.


The thing with history, mythology and folklore is that they can be very tricky and needs extensive research and a bit of careful treatment while using it in a fiction

Everything else in the book is good from the language, characters, narration and even the core plot in general context but its the usage of the mythological facts and figures in the way the author has used in her book, that makes me shudder. its not that it was ethically or morally wrong but the said figures does not seem to sit well with the plot she has chosen.I felt like the characters were forcefully placed into a general young adult romance. More like Bad casting for a potentially Good book. The book as of now rests on a very thin line between going completely sour or turning into something incredible

I actually loved the theories she had brought up, but i guess, it required a different story line for the characters she had in mind because as of now things were a bit hard for me to digest…. but then in all fairness it could be my inability to perceive what the author meant with her book

Somewhere in the middle the book do take a pause and seems like moving into a completely different direction but by the end, it gets reassembled .There are lots of events and information that is cringe worthy especially related to our central female character, kind of also not making her very impressive.

The book had an interesting story line but somehow the casting and the placement of the mythological characters,in the way they have been dealt with in the story is somehow hard to digest for me personally and lots of things mentioned made me shudder and roll my eyes. Apart from the casting,i found the plot to be good and the author is good with the narration too and keeps her book simple and alluring.

I just wished she had a different tale to tell using Cain and Abel or a different set of figures for her current story…


Visit the comic page for a comic strip review of the book


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