Book Review : Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill

51+qYKg3uoL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Book: Werewolf Nights

Author: Mari Hamill

Plot: A town known for its werewolf folklore and history is suddenly the center of attention with their werewolf festival and a movie crew landing in the town to film the new werewolf movie. A young widow Catherine though raised in werewolf stories and even having her own experiences with one, suddenly finds herself in the mouth of danger when she is cast as the lead of this new movie and a werewolf refuses to leave her side. Added to the chaos is her love for a new man in town, who himself is not devoid of his own share of secrets. What happens when a movie plot suddenly becomes real?

Ratings: 3/5


A book coated in Baking Flour

I am guessing that the author has to be a baker by profession. Either that or she has a knack and passion for baking. How do i know that? because i can see it through the whole journey of this book.

First of all thanks to the Read and Reap it program run by the Shut up and Read community on goodreads and then to the author herself for providing me with the copy of the book to read and review.

I am impressed by the plot of the book. It was actually creative to tell a story inside another story. The only trouble is that the book suffered fatally under hasty and unkind execution. The author has a good narration power and is good with her language skills too but what happened in the book is in my opinion what a new author tends to do it in their first work. Trying to rush to the end. Because the story is fully set in their mind and it haunts them day and night and they just have to get it out of their head before it is too late.

The author can weave magic if she shows a bit of more patience and intricacy to the plot as there are a lot of things that goes amiss because the book runs to its finale. i was amazed as to how many essential and mind blowing twists were thrown out without a care. The book, had it halted and worked out its twists and turns more cunningly and making it slowly creep up into the plot would have made more impact because as of now, major revelations were brought up without even the slightest mystery or suspense working around it, that takes out the fun from a thriller/paranormal.There is no gradual build up

Now to the point why i guessed the author to be a baking fan …because every time any confectionery or dessert comes into the picture, the author stops everything to describe the recipe ….and this is the only time when the book actually takes a breather

This could have been a great paranormal thriller had the author not rushed through narration and refrained from bringing up all the interesting revelations and twists of the plot with lack luster build up and taking out the fun even before it starts. The author on the other hand has a creative bend to weave a story inside another story. The plot had lots of potential but execution went a little too speedy

i guess the below gif is exactly how the book went


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