Book review : The Labours of Heracles by Ryan Foley


Book: The Labours of Heracles

Author: Ryan Foley

Plot: A Graphic Novel, depicting the 12 labours of Hercules giving the quick guide to this greek hero’s heroic life

Rating: 4/5


Fair enough for the Artwork

Anybody who is looking for a quick run through of the 12 labors of Hercules/ Heracles will definitely appreciate the creative rendition but for those who are looking for a bit detailed knowledge of the same will be disappointed. There are facts that are questionable as it is different from what i have read in other books but to be fair, Greek mythology is like the ink spot test which appear different to everybody since everybody has their own version.

The book basically focuses on the 12 labours and that too briefly but good enough to refresh your memory or give a vague idea to the first timers. The sad fact is that Greek mythology is a complex ball of twine that once you start opening an end, several others block your path creating chaos so in that regards, the book is unidirectional, ….meaning sticks to the main point and not mixing it with all the other underlying stories.

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Straightforward script that touches upon 12 labours of Hercules without getting into detailings and has a good artwork to support it. Good artwork, not the best.