Book Review: Sita: Daughter of the Earth by Saraswati Nagpal, R. Manikandan (Illustrator)

2621878-sita___daughter_of_the_earth__2011__pagecoverBook: Sita: Daughter of the Earth

Author: Saraswati Nagpal, R. Manikandan (Illustrator)

Plot : A graphic Novel that takes you through the divine birth of Sita, wife of Lord Ram in Hindu mythology and her journey involving the marriage to Lord Ram, the exile and the tragic end. Its a quick tour through her life

Ratings: 4/5


Beautiful artwork but story… not so much

yes admittedly Sita’s story is being told over and over again and you cannot actually change the story to make it interesting but you can definitely turn it towards a little more detailed or enhanced rather than the robotic and brief version usually told to the children.

I felt the narration and story needed more elements to it. The story was monotone and brief to actually enjoy but yes was a pretty good attempt. Anybody who is not aware of the story of Sita, Wife of Lord ram, then yes they are in for a treat as you will get the jist of her life

The best thing about the book is the artwork…The illustrations are simply amazing and i was floored by the work so much that i actually want to be an apprentice under the illustrator, hoping that i can steal his talent and secret


The book literally comes to life because of the artwork..
For a graphic novel, it is more graphic than novel, since story and content is not much but the artwork is beautiful, the color schemes, layout and the strokes are a treat to the eyes. Each page was frame worthy for me