Book review: Gameboard of the Gods (Age of X #1) by Richelle Mead


Book : Gameboard of the Gods (Age of X #1)

Author: Richelle Mead

Plot: Set in the futuristic world, where Gods have been abandoned and nobody worships Gods except for their country, there are mysterious deaths cropping up which shows evidence of supernatural powers but a world which refuses to admit the existence of Gods or supernatural power, how does one explain the mysterious deaths happening. Set to find out the truth are two people who hate each other after an unprecedented rendezvous

Rating: 4/5

An amazing Book but lacks a crucial element

It must be really easy to please me when it comes to book because in spite of the fact that book contained almost all the fatal elements that could make it a sour book, i still loved it and in fact it has become my favorite

What the book is all about?
It is basically a Dystopian novel with a plot that is weaved in mystery, paranormal , romance and investigation skills, that should make it an edgy thriller but somehow fails to become one because of the following:-

What is wrong with the book ?
For any Dystopian novel, its life resides in how good the author has built the world but even after that the job does not end because you have to communicate that successfully to the readers as well. The world Richelle Mead has created is mind blowing, but it was only visible in bits and parts. i really thing that it was brainy and filled with essentials to make her world believable and exciting but the problem is that she has not narrated it or painted it effectively for the readers.

The book starts with the narration as if the readers are well aware of the world and we just need to hear the story which is where the book goes wrong. Being first book in this Dystopian series, the author should have made effort in making the readers ease into her fictitious world rather than painting hazy picture and confusing the readers with all the technical terms and jargons of the world. When the readers are not even aware of the basic working of the world, how can they understand and involve themselves completely?

Yes there are lots of things and terms that you fail to understand or have a clear picture even after finishing the book but fortunately that does not hamper the main story that much for you to give up on this book completely. which brings me to the good part

what is good about the book?

The book literally have a kick-ass heroine.She is strong physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the first book ever where i have seen a girl taking over and fighting bad guys and saving the boy rather than the the usual “oh you are my macho man” portrayal of male . The character, Mae is someone who i would like to see more in our society.

So basically what i am pointing at is that the author has brought very strong characters in her book and each character is exceptionally good and have purpose in the book.

The plot is amazing sans the crucial fault of setting a solid environment for your plot. i love how the author had picked one tiny event from Greek mythology and weaved a strong modern story around it.

So in short what i am saying is that

Gameboard of Gods falters at a crucial point which is setting a rock solid foundation. The book being a dystopian novel, fails to communicate properly about the working and the structure of the dystopian world, and because of which the readers keep getting confused around all the jargons and the terminologies used but let that not completely make you abandon the hope because the basic story can be viewed as an investigative thriller and fortunately elements towards that direction is well served and the pace keeps increasing with so much thrills and turns that it definitely is a spicy read . This could have been another dystopian power novel had the author paid a little attention towards painting it clearly