Book review : The Keeper Of The Wind by Mark Shaw


Book: The Keeper Of The Wind

Author: Mark Shaw

Plot: Three friends who were supposed to be enjoying a school picnic trip ends up discovering elements, way too intense and valuable for their reach. Trouble starts brewing when these teens are chased down by ruthless forces who would go to any lengths required to grab the secrets and the power that comes with it. Will a group of teens be enough to simmer down the dangers that is threatening to take our world?

Rating: 3.5/5


A Pot of Honey

After reading The keeper of winds, I had the same feeling, i usually get after watching a Disney movie.

The Keeper of Winds has a very adroit story that is treated in a very sweet and lovable fashion. The book opens with a good pace and maintains it throughout without once dipping in its overall tone or flow.

The narration is simple and systematic and sometimes a bit too systematic and seriatim for my taste but still it keeps the entertainment factors intact.

It was good to see an young adult book with real kids rather than those who act and speak eons away from their actual age and because of this one thing the story had a unique mixture of simplicity and cuteness to it making it a sweet read. Although at times it is too sweet. The book had these amazing “teen banters” that were comic relief as well as a breath of fresh air.

The keeper of wind with a good and simple treatment brings forward a book that will remind you of all those Disney movies that comes with a whole lot of messages but at the same time takes you to different fantasy worlds with moments of grief, laughter and excitement. So for me this is a “feel-good” book that will bring a smile on your face as well as leave you with these short notes on facing troubles with courage