Movie Review : Badlapur

Movie: Badlapur

Starring: Varun Dhawan, Nawazuddin siddiqui, Yami Gautam, Radhika Apte, Divya Dutta

Plot: A simple man whose life gets stirred when his wife and son are killed. Now he is out for blood and the only thing he is living for is to take revenge on the people responsible for his family’s death

Rating: 2/5

Review: Its disgusting and sheer wastage of time

I had no intention of reviewing this movie on my blog. I had planned to keep the movie section limited to Hollywood, one that everybody will be able to relate to but this movie just pissed me to to the core so much that i had to vent out my anger somewhere and i turned to IMBD for the same but then they could not handle my aggression and even after six times of mellowing down my review, it denied to take it so i decided, i will use my blog to raise my voice, wherein i can use any amount of profanities and direct attack on the people involved.

I doubt all those praises that this movie is getting is just a media hype and marketing on work

Seriously!! All those people who are claiming that this movie is good…are you sure who have watched this movie or that we all are talking about the same thing here?

Badlapur is disappointing to the core because of the following reasons

A) Plot: can somebody explain to me where was the plot? it had a lot of potential but was wasted with a really menacing treatment. The first two scenes were the only part in the entire movie that made any sense. Rest everything was sheer wastage and unexplained saga of creepiness and cringe worthy scenes

B) Censor Board slept through it? Clearly in a country that has so much rigid rules and moral  Policies, I am amazed that this movie passed with flying colors. This movie had so many irrelevant bawdy scenes that I doubt the psyche of the people associated

C) Varun Dhawan? Everybody is elated that Varun has given a performance of the lifetime… Seriously? This guy has not grown yet to take on a role like this one… it was a pain to watch him. its not that he is a bad actor. its just that he has a long way to go before taking on something of this sort

D) Female actors: i am so epically pissed at the female star cast. Yami Gautam is nowhere to be seen and even in the scenes she is present, she is more or less like the wallflower. Radhika Apte– where you sleeping when you were briefed about your character? Did you skim read your script? There are a million ways in which any brain filled female would find this movie and the portray of women in this movie humiliating and degrading. I could slap the scriptwriter for letting his masochistic egos shaping these puny, brainless female characters. Huma Qureshi– Now she is a talent but the role she was given was not worthy of her but still she managed to save it from completely drowning and lastly, Divya Dutta in spite of given a clueless role and just for the benefit of adding another sleazy element, she did bring something to the role which otherwise was a lack luster character.

E) screenplay/script in the trash: The whole movie was like a patch work of vulgar scenes and a complete spoof on the audience who came expecting a nice action/thriller. The end was like a slap on the audience’s face.It is damn slow, meaningless and just a clumsy attempt to make a movie and finally a through and through brain distorter

F) The only thing good: The movie did succeed in one thing, bringing out the true acting talent that is Nawazuddin siddiqui. This movie breathes because of this guy. The man single handedly uplifts this atrocity that is this movie.The best scenes, the best dialogs are all in his share. Oh and the music is good too… infact each one of them is already a chart buster.

If at all you want to watch this movie, then watch it for Nawazudin Siddique but on second thought. Don’t. I would not recommend this to even my enemies.Do not even think of taking your family to this one as you will run out of places to hide your face