Fear Me (Broken Love, #1) by B.B. Reid

Book: Fear Me (Broken Love, #1)
Author: B.B. Reid
Plot: Ever since she met him in the playground at the age of 7 for the first time, he had been in Lake’s life as a constant threat, ruining her life by being a cruel Bully. Her entire life was a cruel joke for him. But for a year, after his absence, Lake was finally breathing and living life until he returns back. If childhood pranks were worse, then this time it has crossed all boundaries.
Ratings: 2/5

They 50 shaded my favorite book, Bully and named it Fear Me

I am going to segregate my review into two parts one that is meant for the author (the softer version) and then for everybody else (my real review)

Author save review

The basic plot has various holes in it and does not come out as strong as it is required to though. There are a lot that does not add up. Language needs attention as it gets choppy and requires to be smoothed a little more. The characters are all sharp but the one character that required attention, lacks it. The central character, Lake. i found her to be suffering from split personality disorder. The way she behaves at times is entirely opposite to the way she has been shaped. So there is no consistency in her character. Though in spite of everything, the way the second half emerged was interesting and the ending was pretty shocking

Now my goodness ends here so if the author is reading this review, then please stop at here and step away because the following is going to be ugly

My real review aka anger

First of all Bully by Penelope Douglas is one of my favorite books so naturally someone says that there is a book on the lines of Bully, i will naturally be on it instantly and that is how i ended up with Fear Me (Fear me …my @#$ )

Fear me is a cheap copy of Bully (by penelope douglas). More like BDSM version of Bully or a thousand ways in which Bully could have gone wrong. There were a whole lot of people who found Bully really repulsive and offensive. They should then read this. i am wondering how all those pedantic and moral polices will uphold this book.

I can’t believe at the audacity of this book.

Prepare for my wrath

Do you think forced sex is a joke? So you think rape is a joke?
I am amazed at the people who actually like this book. How can you enjoy reading and feeding people with rape fantasies? Are you out of your effing mind?

I never bother to judge the characters of a book or make them part of my review unless the core structure of character development is bad. Which is exactly i am out for blood this time.

The book crossed so many lines that there are no line anymore..

The entire first half of the book is pages after pages of the female character being raped and assaulted and it is not which is the worst part, the part that shows the girl enjoying it and the girl being a dumb pig not to even put up a fight or retaliate is what makes me furious and don’t dare tell me that it is the way of this character (trust me to slap you if you say that to me )No it is not the character!! it is the bad creation of a character and bad research into female psyche. I will be damned the day when a girl actually enjoys being forced.

Had some brain applied, you would have realized that even a 10 year old would have fought back much effectively and if at all you wanted to show the helplessness of the female character, then you should have shaped the plot better than focusing on the erotica and the sole reason being the beauty of the attacker.

Clearly this book is nothing but a erotica and somebody’s sadistic and cruel fantasy.

Worst part is the female character is vicious to everyone else except where she actually needs to. This is one book where actually i was sympathetic to the popular girl types Our female character would outright insult her, rip her apart for pointing out the obvious. She would kick another attacker because he is not that cute but would let the other attacker get his way because he is apparently adonis walking the earth. (wow talk about hypocrisy)

I am sort of completion-ist which means i usually do not give up on a book without completing it and this book made me want to throw out and put my kindle on fire so many times but still i stood by it, till the end and must say, received a curve ball there

When i was drowning myself with a million reasons to hate this book, the author goes and creates a cliff hanger of epic proportions which in making me want to read the sequel in spite of my obvious hatred for this entire series.

The book has some serious – man and man-part- worship which is hurting my estrogeneous ego very badly

I hate this book for glamorizing rape and copying and executing my favourite book, Bully (by penelope douglas) in such a crude and cheap fashion. The basic plot itself is weak with so many shortfalls. There are no valid and cerebral explanations to very many things that is happening especially in the first half. while as much as i hate the book, i will admit that second half was better and then the author further flames my fury by adding a drastic cliffhanger.