Movie Review: The Judge

Movie: The Judge

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall

Plot: A successful lawyer known for his twisted ways applied in winning his cases is suddenly faced with the biggest trials of his life. This time he has to fight for his father who has been charged with murder but while trying to keep his father from jail, he also gets to look back at the family and life he once despised and left behind.

Rating: 4.5/5


A Solid movie that will weaken you

The movie is one of those that will bring tears to your eyes and under those two and a half hours, will teach you a whole lot of lessons about family.

The Judge has an applaud-able story line, execution and performances by the creative and adroit team of the movie

Robert Downey Jr. Has time and again proven his skills with humour, sensitive and emotional portrayals of the characters bestowed upon him and he brings it to full shine in this movie as well. In a way i would say that you won’t take your eyes off of him in the entire movie.

The movie basically focuses on the relationship of a father and son who could not stand together under a roof without breaking into a fight yet over the events of the story learns and suffer to discover a lot about each other. In between all these there is a little mystery in foreplay with a courtroom drama.

With an amazing and powerful performances by its star casts, the movie will move you to tears along with being entertaining and captivating