Movie review: John wick

Movie: John Wick

Starring: Keanu Reeves

Plot: A dangerous man who once had left his past and the dark world of assassins behind is brought back to his old days when he is forced to face a new evil.

Rating: 3.5/5

A lot Animated

Well technically, if you hear the plot in one line,you will be laughing yourself to tears as it basically goes something on the lines of “One man taking revenge against the people who killed his dog”. Yes, you heard it right. A dog

Inspite of this funny storyline,the movie comparatively is a well put together project.

There is a while lot of exaggeration over the character “John Wick” who apparently is “Someone who you send to kill the boogeyman” but fortunate for the movie makers, Keanu Reeves brings out the brazen, rash and ruthless, vindictive side of John Wick perfectly on screen.

The movie is basically an action movie and the action in itself is the best element of the whole movie. The action is well choreographed and is a mixture of skillful, fast and highly entertaining sequences. So for an action movie, it delivers the perfect package but maybe not on plot that much.

The basic plot is almost close to nil but as an action entertainer, it is good with its adroit action sequences but overall the movie is a passable entertainer.