Movie Review: Best of Me

Movie: Best of Me

Starring: James Marsden, Michelle Monaghan, Luke Bracey, Liana LiberatoI

Plot: Based on the novel by Nicolas Spark of the same name, the story is about two people who fell in love in high school and got separated over a tragic event and now years later, death of an old friend brings them together. New feelings emerges conflicting with each other’s present

Rating: 3.5/5


guess i never learn my lesson. Everytime i sit down to watch a Nicolas Spark movie, i am never able to leave with dry eyes. All my monthly quota of tears gets used up watching just one Nicolas Spark movie.

Like all others, this too is adapted from one of his books by the same name. Frankly I cannot even say as to how much i really saw of this movie because almost all the time everything was blurry for me from being teary-eyed

The romance as typical and indigenous to his works, is beautiful and has the usual ingredients; background clashes between the lovers, past coming to haunt, interference of parents but in spite of all that there is still something fresh to the treatment  (or depending how long it has been since your last nicolas spark novel-movie)

Like all other stories, it will leave you teary-eyed and with an empty box of tissue

A beautiful romance that has every elements popular to nicolas spark stories yet provides a heart breaking, tearful and romantic story for all the romantic die-hards and as for the rest, it can be excruciating

Is it me or the age gap between Luke Bracey and Liana LiberatoI did really come out on screen a bit too evident ?