Book review: Unburied Past (Oakshade Manor, #1) by Larissa Ladd


Book: Unburied Past (Oakshade Manor, #1)

Author: Larissa Ladd

Plot : Alexis has recently lost her job and to save her money she moves into a new apartment but as soon as she starts living there she experiences paranormal activities and midst them she gets clues about her missing mother. Suddenly there are a whole lot of secrets revolving around Alexis to unravel

Ratings: 3.5/5

That’s it???

I opened the book and was shocked to see that it was mere eight chapters but then to be honest i was also happy that it would only take an hour hardly to finish it and so it did. I was done with the book in one hour straight.

“Unburied past” kind of misleads from the description given. The build up from the synopsis of the story draws you into the book promising you a suspenseful read and in many ways it is but the problem is that in a quick treatment applied to the book, somewhere certain things got evaporated.

the plot is interesting and has elements of paranormal and suspense. It runs fast which should be obvious considering that it is a short book of mere eight chapters. The narration is good, the quick pace fails to clue in details that are relevant to ease in the readers to the basic plot. The story and book definitely asks you to pick up the sequel to know what the new developments would be for this plot and hopefully could provide more information to what exactly happened

Unburied past is seemingly sticking to its title a little too hard as there are lots of stuff around the book that is still buried. The book is really short and fast but not bad enough to make you not read this. Its an easy and light read that can barely take an hour of your time. Nothing extra ordinary. Nothing low. just good enough for a quick read.