Book Review : Unbeautiful (Unbeautiful, #1) by Jessica Sorensen


Book : Unbeautiful (Unbeautiful, #1)

Author: Jessica Sorensen

Plot: Emery has been living a very protected and sheltered life and was always told that all she requires is to be beautiful and train herself to be an obedient and loyal partner to her fiance and adhere to the rules of their community but now she wants to move out of her cocoon and explore the world for herself but the problem lies with her family who is far from your conventional parents and nor is the neighborhood she has been living in. The more she tries to escape, the more she gets dragged into a deeper world of secrets

Rating: 5/5


For a book that goes by the name “unbeautiful”, it certainly is a beautiful book

You could say that unbeautiful was an extended trailer for the actual book because right when things are reaching a boiling point, the book ends announcing to its longing readers that they have to wait for its sequel ( what !!…how could you do this to me? *Weeping uncontrollably*

The book is amazing or maybe its just me who always keeps falling for the books that revolve around broken and tortured souls ending up in an even disastrous union. Maybe because to me it is more relate able having characters that are not perfect, have their own weakness and not your usual larger than life characters (read… Beautiful Disaster, Easy... )

Unbeautiful is a beautifully terrifying story narrated in a flawless fashion and never dipping in its flow. The language is poetic and mesmerizing. It is really fascinating to see how beautiful lines have been used to describe things and events that are ugly. The book is really a short and quick read and has an amazing story to tell. In between there were over sweetened dialogues but luckily not enough to make you cringe and all in a bearable quantity.

Its the poems that are used in the book that totally bowled me over. I loved each and every word and lines of those. It was moving and tapped on the right chords and emotions in spite of being simple and short. There is an elegance to the language used. Poetic and at the same time very natural and realistic.The only problem with the book is that it ends right when everything starts to stir. To call it a cliffhanger would be underwhelming.its more like somebody waking you up from a beautiful sleep with the promise of a delicious dinner only to realize that you would have to wait for an hour to have it served somebody pass me the butcher knife please

As i said in the title, For a book that goes by the name “unbeautiful”, it certainly is a beautiful book and the beauty comes majorly in the form of its language and the poems used in the book. The beauty also comes through when it narrates a story about two tortured souls. The only problem is that the author ends the book abruptly and leaves you suspended in air.



2 thoughts on “Book Review : Unbeautiful (Unbeautiful, #1) by Jessica Sorensen

  1. Hmm, made me want to check this book out. Truth be told from the cover it seemed like some sort of literary atrocity like Twilight, but as they say don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ll see if they have it in stores here, or perhaps I’ll order it online. Thanks for the review.

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    1. Thank you for appreciating my review
      in my case it was actually the cover that made me read it 😉

      If it helps, the book is in the same line of Slammed by Colleen Hoover or Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire or Easy by tamarra Webber.

      But be warned because the book ends just when things get good so by feb 2015 the author is releasing its sequel so you might want to hold on till then if you do not want to die of curiosity 😉


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