Book Review : Stormling (The Legend of Mordana #1) by John Hennessy


Book: Stormling (The Legend of Mordana #1)

Author: John Hennessy

Plot: The book is set in the fantasy land of Mordana and things at Mordana is not looking good as the peace once prevalent over these lands is now at danger with new evil forces gaining power and protector’s of Mordana finding themselves weaker than ever and as fate would play tricks the future of Mordana now lies within the hands of couple of teenagers from earth.

Rating: 4/5


A non scary “John Hennessy” book

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity to read his works and it has been an amazing experience watching how the author has evolved and developed in his story telling skills.

I have read about four to five of the author’s works and that too consecutively and by far this is the only book that has not scared me to my bones. His works especially Dark winter and the vampire stories had literally made me crawl into hiding

Stormling is a pretty intriguing and unique story set in the paranormal world of Mordana and with its share of unique characters and breeds, their world is undoubtedly a beautiful getaway but sadly there are a whole lot of gaps that deny stormling from becoming into a well knit book

(oh man !!! i hate doing this to the author )

Stormling suffers from sketchy outlines of its basic world, Mordana. The basic information or pillars to the world and its basic functioning is not clear enough to make you understand what exactly is going on and how the world of Mordana works.Though i would admit that there are information and structures present but they are not concrete enough to paint you a whole picture of this alien world to you

There were couple of characters who shares similar names except for an alphabet change between them and this for me created a whole lot of turning back pages and head scratching. You have to pay really close attention. Apart from that at the beginning, it was difficult to track the characters and their activities. It was kind of people showing up in the book without proper resume and you have no idea where they came from, why are they here and what are they doing. There is also fluctuating narration during the first half.

By the second half, the book gets better and by now you have much clear picture of which characters are important and what are they doing and what exactly is going around. The characters and events starts coming out of the haze and gives you a better understanding and suddenly the world of Mordana makes sense

The fact is that you should show a bit of patience around the book as it is lengthy for one and the book actually starts picking up towards the second half

Stormling has a pretty interesting and intricate story line with exciting display of characters but sadly opens to a whole lot of chaos in the beginning with so many characters thrown at you without warnings and that too in a completely alien world. However by the second half each characters shapes better and the purpose of their existence is much more vivid. The book completely transitions itself and climbs to much better plains towards the end. You need to hold on to the book to see it growing, evolving and getting sharper.