Book review : Headhunters by Jo Nesbø, Don Bartlett

31604Book: Headhunters

Author: Jo Nesbø, Don Bartlett

Plot: Roger brown is the best in his field. An accomplished Headhunter, his selections are the golden words and no candidate he has ever chosen for a post has ever gone home empty handed but on a personal front, his luxury lifestyle is pushing him into debts and to survive this, Roger has a secret life. But things turn ugly when he meets the wrong person

Ratings: 3.5/5


Lost in Translation….perhaps?? 
Jo Nesbo has been an author that i have been long wishing to read and i finally settled down with HeadHunters to be the first ever work that i would read from his house of works.

Jo Nesbo’s HeadHunters is originally in Norwegian and the english version is actually a translated version by Don Bartlett and because of which i am not sure whose work i will be actually referring to but lets just say that whether it was the classic case of “lost in translation” or that the core project itself was in such a way because, the end result was kind of detached at certain levels.

The plot is no doubt cunning and a good thriller but narration sadly is not powerful worth for the quality of the plot. The book actually opens to a very dull narration but through a slow pace, it eventually picks up the pace and finally forming into an edge of seat thriller that it promises to be. The start seemed to be emotionless, way too technical and there was also constant diversions or as i call it, “zig-zag” narration. Jumping from one point to another and then returning back

HeadHunters is a good thriller provided you pay no heed to the initial blanched narration and technical descriptions. It takes a while to pick up the pace but once it does, the pace remains intact but the deviation from the main events is throughout and i am not sure whether its Jo Nesbo or Don Bartlett who could not bring the magic in his translation.


Trailer for the movie based on the above book


2 thoughts on “Book review : Headhunters by Jo Nesbø, Don Bartlett

  1. I am quite certain that original has much better narration as Nesbo is a particularly well-liked and celebrated author. Unfortunately translators have the ability to either make or break a book in their own language or whichever language they are translating it to. I’ll probably pick up the translation in Hungarian then (my native language) hoping it’s better than the English one. xoxo

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    1. Well said. It is true that very many literary works have suffered in the hands of a poor translator but to be fair i am not exactly familiar with the true potential of Jo Nesbo and which makes me actually jealous that you would be able to read his work in its pristine form ;). Hope you could leave me a feedback about the original book.

      I had been dying to read a Jo Nesbo book and headhunters did not promise me much but i am going to try another of his work to be sure being a thriller addict

      Have you seen the movie? I am actually planning to do it myself


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