Book Review: Dark Winter: Crescent Moon (Dark Winter #2) by John Hennessy

Dark winter 2

Book: Dark Winter: Crescent Moon (Dark Winter #2)

Author:John Hennessy

Plot: Romilly winter and her friends are still trying to get over the deaths of their dear ones while still fighting their own demons, when one of their enemies return for another round. But this time the three are not together as everybody is forced to fight alone and taking new alliances but sometimes the decisions you take are the fatal ones that can change everything

Rating: 4/5


I may never be able to look at a mirror ever again

Once again thanks to the author for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to read his works and even being supportive and a true sport to all the reviews i have posted about his books.

So, thanks to Dark winter, i may not be able to look at another mirror without fearing for ghosts coming at me… so that would be a pleasant experience worth for the future 😉

As i told before in the first book, the series has a very dark, spooky and spine chilling plot that has got only more interesting and gripping with its sequel. Its just not the plot that has gone high but the narration technique as well.

The book interestingly starts with the background stories to our major characters including Don Curie.So if you were confused or blurred about certain characters in the first book, you will be able to have a better understanding and knowledge of them in this one. It will enable you to smooth yourself into the story with better efficiency. The flow of the story is really good this time as there is no fluctuating narration or too much of past and present transportation. Its stays focused with what is happening at the present. The language had always been good so just like as in the first book, it still creates magic in the sequel as well.

Yes there is a tremendous amount of change in the second book but there are still things that are bothering me.

i would like to say that it was an element of the whole story or it was part of the plot development or a way to know the characters more intensely but the fact is that, around the middle, things get too chaotic and meddling that you have a hard time touching upon whether the things mentioned are really happening or is it a dream sequence or hallucinations of the characters. The clear definition was lacking and kind of felt like “watching the movie “inception” all over again ( i still have no clue what happened where and when in that movie and my head still spins thinking about it )

Now another thing i noticed is a very distinctive narration technique applied to the book . The whole narrator of the story is our main protagonist but things really gets tricky when the narrator is telling us incidents that she is not even part of.I thought this kind of narration was brilliant and in my personal experience i have never come across something like that. I guess it has been perfected in the second book as it was completely missed by me in the first book. But honestly it still needs a bit of sharpening but otherwise it is a wicked narration technique and with proper execution will be a killer trend too.

I am definitely sticking for the third book because there are so many things that is left unanswered which i believe is going to wrap up effectively in its finale.

Dark winter: Crescent Moon carries forward what it started in its first book much more effectively and elegantly and interestingly it has polished and transitioned itself to cover up all the missing elements from the first book. The series returns with an explosive turn of events with a better and intriguing narration and language. it is whole more spookier and addictive than its prequel. Definitely a must have for all horror fans or somebody with a liking to a twisted and intriguing story line.