Book Review: Dark Winter: The Wicca Circle (Dark Winter, #1) by John Hennessy

Young woman looking in  mirror

Book: Dark Winter: The Wicca Circle (Dark Winter, #1)

Author: John Hennessy

Plot: Romilly Winter is going to be 16yrs old while others get dresses or chocolates as gift, Romilly is given a mirror by her grandmother and if it was not enough, her grandmother tells her that the mirror holds a lot more power than she could ever imagine and that it is her duty to protect it with her life and before she could learn anything more from her grandmother, she is left alone with a mirror that she has no idea what to do with and added to this is the fact that supernatural creatures are suddenly at her doorsteps trying to kill her.

Ratings: 4/5

Come to the Dark Side….. We have Cookies

First of all a huge thanks to the author for giving me an opportunity to read his books and Dark Winter is the very first of his works that I have read and must say that it has left a pretty good impression.

Dark Winter is spooky and adorned with chills and thrills. The book has got a very wicked and spine chilling plot.

I am going to start with what bothered me in the book.

Dark Winter suffers from what i call a “Zig-Zag” narration. This is where the author starts with narrating one thing diverts to other realms and then comes back and this is throughout the entire book.Also the book goes from present to past frequently and the transition is not smooth .it requires perspiration and a whole lot of effort to keep track of it.

Now Let’s get on with the star attraction of the book, which is definitely the plot. The plot is absolutely a killer one both symbolically and literally. The book from the get go grabs you by the throat and keeps you jolting with the things that is happening in the story. Along with the wholesome plot, the characters are strong, interesting and perfect match.

I love how the author had maintained them very real and not larger than life personas. I felt, making them show their weaker sides helps in readers to understand and relate to them smoothly

Its one of those books whose plot itself uplifts the whole book, rather than having to spice it up with anything else.

Dark Winter is a good spine chiller with a very spooky plot as its base and interesting even with an erratic narration flow, this book grows on you and keeps you intrigued. Language is smooth and simple but the flow of the book & narration is a bit weakened.