Book review: Death Before Daylight (Timely death #3) by Shannon A Thompson


Book: Death before Daylight (Timely Death #3)

Author: Shannon A Thompson

Plot: Two worlds collide in this final trilogy. The inevitable fight is finally happening between the descendants of the two worlds of Dark and Light and while lives are at stake, a cruel decision has to be taken to ensure the safety of their world and its peoples. The final trilogy is were Eric and Jessica finally face Darthon but midst preparing themselves for the war, their personal relationship is threatened by revelations of many untold truths.

Ratings: 4.5/5


A fire-Cracking finale

First things First.

A huge hug and thanks to the author, Shannon who has not only gone on to become my favorite author but has also proved to be an amazing person herself through the interactions we had. Not only has she taken every word of mine in a positive manner but has also appreciated and encouraged me to be honest in my review. So again a huge thanks for trusting me with your works and giving me a copy of this book to read and review

As i told you, Shannon A. Thompson is now officially one of my favorite authors and because of which the ratings can be a bit partial (to be fair warning.)

Now i am going to start with something that troubled me with the book before jumping into what makes this book good for me.

I felt that the book opened too fast and sort of picked up from the middle.

i will admit that it had been a really long time since i had read the previous book so i was not exactly updated with the minor details, characters and events that happened in the last book  and because of which I wish there were cheat sheets between the lines that would have helped me to remind the events that were discussed from the previous book to help us settle with this one but then this could be pure me loosing my memory power

Now lets come to the second half of the book

The second half is fiery and explosive. There are so many secrets revealed, so many twists churning up in the overall plot that you could not put away the book without wanting to know what the characters will do next. The overall pace of the book is superb. It has every elements to keep you glued to it. Its addictive after things really pick up

Thanks to the author, for showing us that Dark isn’t always evil and Light is n’t pure and can be cruel too. The whole setting and theme of the book had been tremendously exhilarating and the trilogy is one of the best you could invest your time on. The unique and paranormal world of Light and Dark is nothing short of mystical and swoon worthy. I love how the whole concept has been properly and systematically developed to narrate a beautiful romance yet thrilling and suspenseful for the non-romance readers.

the whole trilogy had been an amazing ride for me and the characters had been a delight to travel along throughout my reading journey.

i know my review is too sugar coated but as i said, its my favorite author and my favorite series, we are talking about 🙂

The trilogy with its beautiful and unique world of Light and Dark and its various engaging characters keeps you thoroughly entertained and yearning for more. The finale ends beautifully putting back each pieces into its rightful place with perfection and efficiency. Lots of thrills and turns keep it spicy and addictive. Language is captive and at the hands of a creative story teller it definitely weaves magic