Wattpad Book Review : Bound by Blood


Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/24201292-bound-by-blood

Plot: Light was never ordinary. Her mother a crazed lunatic obsessed with perfection and dolls, her hatred for the impure is strong. Trying to create the perfect doll family. Beaten and wounded light slowly turns phsyco. Losing her mind to the voices in her head turning her into the murderous doll her mother can be proud of. Until she meets one of Mothers new dolls, then things really do turn to the worse. Dolls to murders to asylums what else could possibly go wrong?

(synopsis from the author’s table)


It gives you chills and nightmares but completely addictive too

To be honest I checked the book expecting nothing but to read just the synopsis and be on my way but three hours later I realized that not only had I just skipped my breakfast (which to me is a huge thing )and the assigned tasks for the day but that I had completed more than half of the book and that too in a single go… PHEW !!!

To be honest I did not expect it to be great but “MY OH MY” was I in for a treat!!!

Wattpad books are not exactly your editorial diamonds so the book had its obvious spelling and grammatical errors but just imagine that in spite of that I ended up being addicted to it. So that has to count for something right?  Of course it does

Now let’s start by saying that this book is pretty gruesome and gory and you might want to stay away if you have a weak heart and are sensitive to violence and blood because this is going to be ugly and messy and that makes it a star by my standards

The plot is really twisted and full of blood and violence but I can’t help being in awe of the development and narration skill. Yes it has a bit of polish deprivation but once it is going to be touched by an editorial fairy there is no stopping this book

A unique thing I noticed about the book is how contrary to the conventional method where book goes from light to intense, Bound by Blood starts with a highly intense opening and gradually going to a lighter turn of events to extreme blood pumping climax. So the graph of the plot is pretty erratic and that is pretty tricky way to captivate your readers.

What makes this book addictive is its short, crisp , fast and to the point plot and narration. The characters are pretty strong and haunting and the intrigue level makes for a great page turner so if you love a bit raw, gory and psycho killer stuff then try this book and you will realize why I am so excited about this book


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