Book Review: Outsider (Flawed#2) by Becca J. Campbell

Book: Outsider

Author: Becca J. Campbell

Plot: As long as Josh can remember, everybody around him had some kind of supernatural powers whether its his siblings or friends and being a normal person without any powers had only made him more withdrawn, shy, uncomfortable and less important. While toiling with this emotion, something drastic threatens to change his life forever. Its then Josh learns the true meaning of the phrase “careful what you wish for”.

Rating: 4/5 stars

What a brilliant progression for the series

First of all a huge hug and thanks to the author for giving me such a wonderful Christmas present because coincidentally or not, I was provided with an ARC copy of the book right around Christmas making it even more sweeter

Outsider is a terrific progression from empath, the first book in the series

To be honest, reading the synopsis, I thought that the book would be all whining and ramblings of a teenager stuck without power in a group filled with amazing supernatural powers including his own siblings, but in spite of the obvious frustrations poured here and there by the central character, the book actually has a good and strong plot which keeps it fun, fast and entertaining and far from somebody’s emotional outbursts. Though it is not devoid of that completely

Outsider to be frank kind of follows somewhat the same path adopted in the first book empath, but it is far better and progressed than the first. The second book has tremendously improved with a crisper and spicier plot. For me what was the plus point regarding the book was the return of a character that I had loved in the last book, Ethan. I had mentioned it in the last book as well as to how much intrigued I was with the character of Ethan and the author had done a brilliant work by bringing him back and in the manner that she has done it

I love the narration technique where she runs two lives parallel who meet at the end for a good climax. The language is simple, beautiful and liquid with the kind of smooth flow it has to it. Obviously the author has paved way for a sequel and has somewhat left us at a cliffhanger but it is not that bad to make you go crazy. I am so going to order the third book in the series as I see a crazier and meatier plot waiting for me.

For those who have read empath and have loved it, this book will surprise you with its quality. There is a trickier plot and an excellent language and narration that make this book a thousand times better than the first book. I love how the author has kept the link to the first book intact in the plot of her second book and something tells me that the third one has to be explosive.