Asian Tv: Bad Guys (korean)


Series: Bad Guys

Language: Korean

Plot: Three fugitives are being scouted by a police officer to support him in his investigation regarding a serial killer who is terrorizing the streets. But how far can you trust a group of serial killers to hunt another one before all hell breaks loose.

Ratings: 4/5


It is an acquired taste

This series is definitely something that is different from the usual Korean Dramas around. Bad Guys  is an action thriller that will set your pulses racing. I will admit though that this is not for everybody’s taste and only those who have an inclination towards this genre will find it interesting

Bad Guys is a bit dark and melancholic in its concept but then that is part of its charm. Initial episodes seemed to be running in different directions until the plot settled down to much more interesting twists and turns and by the finale it was a racing thriller ride.

The very last episode was a bit chaotic but nevertheless has shown scope for a future season and if it happens I will so be following because I loved the series.

Anybody who loves a good psycho thriller will definitely like this. There is a twisted plot and whole lot of twisted characters at play here and the nuisances of the story plot are nice. The best part of the story is definitely the action. Actors are pretty impressive with their fighting skills and provides a great action packed entertainment.