Review: Phoenix by Elizabeth Richards (Black City#2)

Book: Phoenix (Black City#2)

Author: Elizabeth Richards

Plot : After the incidents that transpired towards the end of Black city, the country is opening itself to new hopes and changes. Standing as a face of this new change is their new hero Phoenix, a boy who rose from the ashes just like the name represents. While on one hand Ash and Natalie have to shoulder the responsibilities of a revolution they have started, on personal front their relationship hits a sour with the introduction of a new character.

Rating: 3/5 stars


Nah !!!!

I know it might be the perfect book for the paranormal romantics, but for someone who has been devouring this genre; this is plain repetition and nothing else. I understand that the book has every element that worked in twilight, hush hush series and every other successful paranormal genre. yet for me it was ….Nah!!!

Let me be honest, this book is not bad but not good as well. There is nothing to the book even if it has managed to shelve out three books (god knows how and why). The book reminded me of Legend series by Marie Lu so much that I actually wanted to go back and read Legend.

The story in the sequel is at least better than Black city but yes the romance crap still irks me to the core but then this is a romance novel so I can’t exactly complain about the book based on that sole reason. While I can still cope with the male lead “ash” it’s the female “Natalie” that irritates me in the book. The girl is a disaster coming from lack of brains or “weepy and fragile heroine” syndrome. Either ways that is not someone that can carry this book very far

The second book comes up with a love triangle
… Bravo!!! For bringing up such a brilliant, stupidest and the lamest trick ever in book writing…

I am amazed at our self sacrificing, altruistic girl getting attracted to the next guy that comes along after prophesying eternal love throughout the first book and using big bold words like “love” only to redefine its meaning in the sequel.

Best part. ?
Barely at 15 or 17 years, our leads are getting married….

Yippie !!! (please excuse me, while I bash my head against a wall)

Once again let me say that “ its not you. but me “. The book per say is not that bad, its just that I could not digest it. The problem with the book was that it was kind of cliché in the romance department and if I may say was totally vomit inducer for me. But other than my obvious hatred to teenage romance and marriage, the book actually has a better story line than the first one and the narration technique and the language is simple and good. Then again like the first book, the dystopian world crumples because of weak foundation. Romance novel fans will definitely swoon over this for obvious reasons. Dystopian and paranormal fans on the other hand will die of prolonged puking.

Basically the book is equally bad as much as it is good… The book died for me because of its predictable story plot and lack of proper background.