Book Review: Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Book: Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Authors: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Plot: Its all the fairy tales you have read presented in its initial and original form with no fancy adornments. The collection includes everything from Cindrella, rapunzel to Hansel and Gretel and Iron Hans

Rating: 3/5 stars

Fairy tale as bloody as it comes

Forgive me for i am going to be all preachy and philosophical in my review

Once upon a time there were two brothers going by the name “Grimm Brothers”. Over the period of time they chronicled stories emerging from all sorts of land and nature. These stories were tainted with horrors of human evilness ranging from the ability to cut and bleed their own family to throwing away humanity for a piece of gold. These stories were ironically grim as the name of the authors itself.

The Grimm brother’s stories were never originally the rosy and chocolate coated versions that is floating around today, as the introduction of the book itself states that these books were dark and warnings for the children against the world that they were going to step into and meanwhile also tried to impart the quintessential theory “good triumphs over the evil”

(trust me after reading the book, i don’t think that the Grimm brothers were indicating that there could be a possibility for romance with the wolf by telling us the story of Red riding Hood..the brothers must be rolling in their graves listening to all the werewolf romances )

The stories got moulded and sweetened that we never looked upon them as the authors scribbled it to be. In fact what we saw was the prince getting princess or a pauper becoming king on a fine day for an act of bravery or cleverness. The gruesomeness of wolf ripping apart an old lady or being married to a monster was all morphed into fairy tales that we grew up on making us wait for the day when our own version of such stories came true. Sadly it comes true when you hit the six feet hole in the ground.

These stories had been handed down over generation after generations and now it has taken a life and shape of its own and because of which it was kind of fun visiting the initial version.

The book is a collection of about sixty stories including tom thumb, Rumpelstiltskin, red riding hood, rapunzel and many other and each being about two to three pages long. The Grimm brother’s book is not the picture storybook version that we enjoyed hearing as a toddler. These are the real versions. I found many of the stories repetitive in themes and shockingly many of the popular stories I heard had a different twist and treatment in the book. (Cinderella named ashputtel and the step sisters cutting their heels of to fit into the shoes ..yup so much different than the movie and picture book version.) It was good to read but I also found it a bit boring being devoid of the rosiness and almost sixty stories running the same theme.

What i learnt reading the fairy tale is this