Book Review: Black City by Elizabeth Richards (black city #1)

Book: Black City (black city#1)

Author: Elizabeth Richards

Plot: Its a new world that has resurrected itself after the debacle of a terrible war but the new world is nothing but cruel and still at constant state of war between humans and Darklings. Caught between this hatred and war is an young love between a darkling and a human that has to fight with everything for their love. from friends, family to their very basic nature

Rating: 3/5 stars

It’s time to let go off twilight

When twilight came out, so did the obsession with vampires. Edward Cullen became the ultimate poster boy for quintessential lover and “vegetarian vampire” and just like every other girl, I was also drowned deep in the world of Team Jacob and Team Edward ( not gonna mention which team…I m taking that secret to the grave ) but times changed, the phase slowly got over and I moved on to better monsters, “angels” (yup girls if you did not realize angels are the hot new lover commodity in the fiction market). But apparently some are still clinging on to their twilight phase a little too hard like our author, I guess

Black city is kind of “twilight” set in dystopian world.
If any of you guys have read “legend series” by Marie Lu then let me tell you that the book shows a strong traces of that world and so much that I thought Marie Lu has written this book with a vampire protagonist ooops I mean darkling (as per the book).

The book is actually a mix and match of various popular paranormal books and the plot is more or less predictable but I will give that there are certain elements that kind of give it a bit of individuality but not enough to say that it is “something different”.

The book is not bad but it is nothing new and that is bad by my rules. But fans of twilight or similar genre will definitely find their love rekindled in the black city series but people who are looking for new and improved substances will scratch their head till it bleeds over the cliché and annoying pair of central character.

On a personal front, I hated the female protagonist “Natalie” and I have my reason for that but I am not gonna discuss it here for everybody has their own rights to love or hate the characters and I m not gonna feed you about how you should take the characters. It will be unfair.

For a dystopian world novel, the book kind of goes impromptu and picks up elements from here and there failing in proper setting. The dystopian world of Elizabeth Richards is still hanging in our present without much change and trying to convince us that it is set in a post apocalyptic world. Not working. How will it, when you are clearly referring and portraying to present day traditions and lifestyle. The world is not credible enough.

Black city has a predictable story line and more or less is a dystopian version of “twilight” without anything new to it. Though it is not bad, it is kind of a compilation of various paranormal books read and talked about. The dystopian world is not sharp enough and kind of felt picked up from the “legend series” without much work done to it. It’s the cliché ‘boy meet girl versus the world armed with their weapon of love…blah blah… you get the point. Fans of romance especially paranormal romance, twilight and vampires will love this one. Other people like me… not so much