Wattpad Book Review: Consumed


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Lucy Hanson thought it was a plain journal left behind by some previous owners until she realizes the contents were far from someone’s scribbling or fantasy. It was confessions. Confessions and chronicles of murders done by the serial killer O, who has been terrorizing the city with gruesome murders. How far can you go before the danger comes knocking at your door?


Not exactly her best work, but a good one nevertheless

The author is undoubtedly skilled with serial killer fictions. I have been reading her works for quite a while now and have been truly impressed by the plot developments and the wickedness it has. Her works exhibits a nice brain storming and good structural thought process which is rare.

The book “Consumed” as compared to her “Demon king trilogy” is less impressive and kind of a hasty work. But compare it to any other thriller works around and you have a winner here. I guess the biggest competition to the author is she herself as it seems that she has set standards so high with her previous works that she herself has to fight to beat that.

Consumed is kind of rough at edges and not as polished and intricate as her previous works and the writing style was different too. Culmination or ending in my opinion was a bit too quick. But if you love a good thriller without much details and intricacies then this is a perfectly good book for you.

It kind of freaks me out with how the author’s brain works because some of it is high on wickedness and grotesque yet highly impressive. Consumed is certainly not her best work but I would still say that the true potential of the author is hidden in her Demon King Trilogy work.

Consumed is a simple, fast and short mystery read perfect for thriller addicts


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