Book Review: Trust Me, I’m Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer

Book: Trust Me, I’m Lying

Author:Mary Elizabeth Summer

Plot: Learnt from the best, her father itself, Julep Dupree is a master in the art of conning and her tricks are not something that can be left unnoticed but she is put to the ultimate test when she has to use all the skills she has ever learnt to find her missing father, and piece together the clues he has left behind to find him before its too late.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

I ‘m so gonna pre-order its sequel

So by the power vested in me by none other than myself, I hereby declare this book to be the mother of all cliché. Phew! Now that it is out of the chest, I will also say that this book had been fantastic. At least for me. Frankly, this book will not be of everybody’s liking for the fact that it is a combination of everything you have read and loved and has practically nothing new to it except for a kickass heroine and combining this with various other factors, the book has definitely moved on to my favorite shelf.

The book is very Nancy drew/Veronica Mars-ish. It’s a teen girl on secret mission vs high school and Bad guys. Yeah I know!!!big shocker there. But the main character is fun and all through, keeps you entertained and that to me, my people, is the basic and the foremost scoring point in any book irrespective of what genre or plot it has. I am in love with this book because I had so much fun reading and laughing along with it.

If the readers are aware of Stiles from Teen Wolf series, then let me say that our heroine excels in the same level of sarcasm and dry humor. And I am a big fan of sarcasm as far I m the one who is using it.

The plot as I said is nothing new but it’s the deliverance that is good and makes it read worthy. The book is written in teen lingo. (You know how teenagers talk completely with their own set of vocabulary and grammar rules and something which is completely on a different level than the normal human language ) the book uses the same kind of lingo which also acts as a spice for the book too. But just like in case of spices, the language can make or break the book for you. On a personal level, I loved it. I loved the sarcasms, innovative cusses, banters, eyes rolls, the whole package.

The second half was kind of less impressive mainly because I knew how it was all going to wind up but the central character kept it alive

When you decide to read this book, leave all your ”professor X” brain at the door and approach this as you would with a “Nancy Drew book” then perhaps you will have so much fun with our sarcastic, snarky and fun central character and you also might want to brush up on your teen lingo a bit to appreciate the language as well. The book is a light, fun comical ride as far as you are not wearing your pedantic and judgmental glasses. The author has some serious humor weapons in her arsenal and because of which I m so going to be there when she releases the sequel.