Wattpad Book Review : The Deadly Disciple (The demon king #2)


Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/17236704-the-deadly-disciple

Plot: Once the victim of a horrific abduction, Joelynn Lewis is now trying to live a normal life. When she discovers that her cousin Eva has gone missing, she tries to search for her only to become the target of a madman who calls himself The Deadly Disciple. With his identity unknown, Joelynn must play a deadly game of cat and mouse to save her cousin and herself.


Spooky good

Well as the Author mentions. You could either read this as a standalone or continuation from its first book “Bones of the Demon King” and also as she rightfully advices go for the series rather than picking it up as standalone to have more fun at it.

Before you embark your journey with this book, Let me tell you that you need to have a strong stomach and heart to go through with this book because the things go from bad to worse to bloody in an instant and by bad I mean the good kind of bad (got it…no?…never mind)

The derivation or path of story from the first book is absolutely brilliant. I never anticipated having the story go in such a direction as the author had taken it in “The deadly Disciple”

Those who have loved “Bones of the Demon king” will love this one too and all your characters are strong as the first book and plus you will learn a whole new bunch of secrets and dirt on many of your beloved characters and some of them are pretty intense and hard hitting

The book can be a little harsh but then considering the theme it kind of justifies. You need to be prepared for a whole lot of squeamish elements. The book is worth a try if you are thriller fan and look for a bit of grotesque and serial killer action in your books. Although initially I was not happy with the big revelation of the story, the author had given a perfectly valid justification which made me love the brilliance of it.

I could not help but notice that things keep getting too complicated and twisted for you to get a firm grip over the story but nevertheless it has been a good series so far. There is perfection to the character development that I loved and cherished in the series.


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