Wattpad Book Review: Bones of the Demon King (The demon King#1)

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Plot:  There is a serial killer out on the loose named “The Demon King” and the person who gave him this name is a reporter called Eva Lewis. As a journalist, it was the best case she could have bargained for untill the killer struck home.

Rating: 4/5


This book is a combination of creepiness and fantastic. So technically its creepy good of a book that you should definitely give a try if you love a good thriller and good old fashioned serial killer crimes. So for the nth time, let me clarify that since none of the Wattpad authors are pioneers and connoisseurs of the writing field, the book do have certain shortfalls like a bit of grammatical errors and polish to the overall narration but does it hamper the reading. Definitely not! Because for a Wattpad Project this is refined enough and extremely intriguing The best part of the book is that the chapters are short, crisp and strictly confined to the ongoing plot and does not wander around unnecessary stuff unless it is crucial to the plot. But let me warn you that the whole narration fluctuates between various characters and scenes and if you lose concentration in between, you will end up missing that small little link which will blow in your face right when you least expect. The whole flow is gradually tightening. At the beginning it is somewhat calm and by the end you have no space to breathe in because it grips you that good. But I will admit here that if you are really a pretty good thriller reader and experienced with so many plots you might point out the killer but even so the writer will play with your brain till the very end making you doubt your hypothesis A little trouble I had was towards the end when things were getting a little chaotic and almost every character was being brought out as suspect and the play with your brain is so bad that you might want to have a bottle of medicine along with you. This is both a good and bad factor depending upon how you see it.

On a personal level, my head was spinning like a hamster wheel with my brain playing the role of hamster, leaving me nauseous but in a good way because I love when the writer makes you work for it but I felt a little less complications towards the end could have worked too but no matter what this was a hell of a ride a nice thriller and since it is a trilogy I m excited to hop on to its sequel.


LATEST UPDATE: i m so happy to learn that this is now an officially published book and can be purchased on Amazon

Told you guys that this is an amazing book