Asian TV: My lovable girl (Korean)

Series : My Lovable Girl/My Lovely Girl

Language : Korean Drama

Plot: A music composer who is deep in mourning over the loss of his fiance finds solace in form of his late fiance’s younger sister and what follows is a whole string of romance, pain, revolt and forbidden love. Will the odds favor their love or crush them

Rating: 3/5

Mellowed down

Except for the creative pairing in its star cast the series had practically nothing new to offer. The pairing of Rain and krystal was definitely refreshing and a treat for viewers but then an impactful star cast can only work a little against a story that had nothing to it.

The first couple of episodes were undoubtedly impressive enough to make the audience come back to the series but eventually by the fifth episode it was quite evident that the series had no life and no direction to it rather than the usual romance drama trend followed by the Korean drama industry. It is downright predictable.

For the sake of watching you can watch it but then you will have to leave all the expectations outside the door while watching the series. There are cute moments and playful banters and of course adorable rain and krystal moments too but then how far can that lure you.

Even if you sit down to watch it with all patience and diligence, you will end up admitting that the finale was the worst and it was more like mocking the viewers. I felt that this 16 episode drama could have easily ended by its 14th episode or at the max 15th episode because seriously the last episode had no sense and was just there for the sake of completing 16 episode timeframe.

In the end the underlying fact is that there was no story and no purpose to this entire series. It is sad because they had such a beautiful and powerful cast to work with. Each actor had a great presence but unfortunately the story did not.