Tv Review: Supernatural

Series: Supernatural

Channel : The CW

Plot: Two brothers brought together in their search for their missing father ends up fighting every monsters that you have read in books. But when you fight with forces that are way above you, consequences won’t be light. You are bound to pay the debts in blood. Watch two brother fighting demons and causes for supernatural occurrences around various towns in America

Rating: 5/5

Its like a wine, keeps getting better

Yeah I know I am pretty late to hop into this bandwagon but you got to admit that supernatural is a show that cannot be resisted. The two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester just keep getting better and better with each season and get you hooked to the show pretty badly.

The show keeps reinventing itself with each season. Right now it is in its 10th season. 

Just when you think that the story can’t go far than this, it comes up with something really twisted, wicked and absolutely addictive. I had been watching this show in and out and never really went with the flow but then I decided to finally start and follow the series with all the dedication required. So I have been watching this show right from season 1 episode 1 .This is my suggestion to you as well.

You need to watch the show from the very first episode to be in the loop. 

Technically the format of the show has something new for every episode but in the background they keep linking and bringing up elements from the previous episodes so you got to keep up to fully enjoy the ride. But frankly, pick up any episode at random and you will know how addictive the show is. The actors just make it swoon worthy. Ironically a show that is based on cases from different towns in America, The entire show is shot in Canada

The USP of the show is its lethal combination of humor, supernatural element, suspense and pretty much everything you require from a show. Although every season ends with major cliffhangers and kind of gets high on emotions. So you need to brace yourself. The series in itself is a pretty roller coaster ride. 

Below are some suggestions for episodes:

Season 1

Of course the pilot episode and pretty much every other because this sets the tone.Although

episode 17: Hell House is a hilarious one and totally fresh without no background references. Episode 9: Home and episode 12: Faith is pretty much high on emotion.

episode 15: Benders is the creepiest and haunting episode.

The finale episode 22: Devil’s Trap will blow your minds

Season 2

Episode 15: Tall Tales and Episode 18: Hollywood Babylon has to be the best and the funniest episode in the entire season. It’s fresh and kind of unlinked for you to watch randomly.

Episode 17: Heart and Episode 20: What is and what should be is high on emotion.

episode 22- All hell breaks lose is one hell of a ride for a season finale

Season 3

By season 3, the chemistry between the brothers is high and the season gets pretty much hilarious and fun at every point. Though the best episode is undoubtedly

episode 3: Bad Day at Black Rock. After watching this episode I was clutching on to my stomach so badly out of laughing badly.

Episode 8: A very supernatural Christmas is a touching and heartfelt episode.

episode 11:Mystery spot is hilarious even though the whole theme is sad and painful

Season 4

Episode 3: in the beginning is a very powerful episode of the entire season and you get to go to the beginning just as the title mentions.

Episode 5: Monster Movie and Episode 6: Yellow fever are hilarious in the season. You could watch it without any background information.

Episode 11: Family remains is the creepiest and disturbing case

episode 13: afterschool special is pretty emotional

powerful finale in episode 22: Lucifer rising

Season 5

Things are a little dark by this season and you can pretty much feel the intensity in every episode like episode 4: The end.

But on the other hand there are light hearted episodes like episode 5: Fallen idol (this is where paris Hilton comes for a guest appearance and you will get to see a rare sight, Beheading of Paris Hilton).

The funniest episode has to be Episode 8: Changing Channels. Every other episode is pretty much intense.

Oddly by the finale episode 22: Swan Song, I thought the series has finally found its end but Season 6 proved me wrong

Season 6

Things are pretty gloomy and dark by this season and yet the direction of the entire series was pretty good

Episode 1 – Exile on Main Street can be said as a slightly gloomy take off but nevertheless a powerful one. lots of new characters are returning back from the previous seasons.

Episode 4 – Weekend at Bobby’s is good for those who have been dying to know more about the character Bobby SInger and is also one of the funniest episodes in the season along with Episode 9 – Clap Your Hands If You Believe

Episode 5 – Live Free or Twihard is hilarious and kind of a treat for those who hated twilight because this episode mocks the whole vampire phenomenon.

Episode 15 – The French Mistake is the best and hilarious of the entire season and all those who wanted to take a peek behind the scenes will be treated good but in a pretty quirky way. But as i said earlier all, the season is pretty intense and almost all the episodes are linked and can’t be watched without knowing a bit of background.

Season 7

This season was extremely intense and in fact until around four to five episodes it had a pretty dark and grim hold but nevertheless the plot kept getting more intriguing. This season also let go off one of our beloved characters but considering it is supernatural, you will never know whether they would return or not. Also a lot of new characters came into scene giving us a good laugh and entertainment. Some of the most impressive guest stars were DJ Qualls as Garth Fitzgerald who appears in two random episodes but was spot on with his performance. James Patrick Stuart as Dick Roman is a character that appears throughout and has been one strong performer. Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer did not had very many episodes or scenes but whatever he had was a screen blasting ones. He was at times cute, sarcastic, goofy and fearsome too. On a personal level i loved and was bowled over by Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury even though she appears in only one episode.

So episodes to watch out for:

Episode 1 – Meet the New Boss for obvious reasons and a brilliant season opener

Episode 5 – Shut Up, Dr. Phil is a light-hearted fun episode

Episode 8 – Time for a Wedding goes for two reasons. One for the guest starring performance by DJ Qualls as Garth Fitzgerald and other for being hilarious and sam being in his cutest performance.

Episode 13 – The Slice Girls for having a freakishly grotesque theme

Episode 14- Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie for being a light hearted funny and kind of unlinked episode.

Episode 16 – Out With the Old is also funny and light on intensity

Episode  20The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo to watch an amazing guest performance by Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury

Season 8

Maybe its because i have been watching supernatural on a marathon that i feel like the brothers need a break. I don’t think there is anybody out there who has to go through turmoils and tests after tests as much as these guys have to. yeah yeah i know its a fiction and i should not be too emotional going into the dynamics of the plot but you can’t stop from getting sympathetic towards Dean and Sam Winchester.

In this season, Osric Chau emerges as a formidable character and has a strong presence throughout. And for those who really got impressed by the guest role of Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury in the previous season will get to see more of her and pretty good too. Mark. A. sheppard and misha collins as Crowley and Castiel keeps growing on you. Couple of your favourite characters from previous seasons pay visit in a nicely fashion. so in all its a pretty good season.

so coming to season 8, things are pretty messed up and our world is still in trouble and with its one foot still in grave and again one brother suffers while other brother suffers, watching the other suffer. episodes are high but not as high as the previous season because season 7 was way too heavy.

Episode 1: We Need to Talk About Kevin : is pretty grim but sets the whole season in motion

Episode 2 : What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?: it definitely has lots of comic moments and all thanks to Linda Tran as Kevin’s (osric chau) mother.

Episode 4 – Bitten : you probably don’t want to hear this, but this episode has to be the worst episode in the entire supernatural series. Bad theme, actors, shot and pretty much everything.i felt i was watching some kind of a spoof and waited for the entire time to culminate into something interesting but nada. zero. ziltch.

Episode 6 – Southern Comfort : This is strictly for those who are fans of DJ Qualls as Garth Fitzgerald

Episode 11 – LARP and the Real Girl : hilarious, interesting, light hearted, sort of unattached and one of the best of the season and ironically also where Felicia Day returns as Charlie Bradbury

Episode 12 – As Time Goes By: its pretty interesting as you get a nice little history of the winchester family especially of John winchester.

Rest of the episodes are all good but are kind of attached and a series of sequences that will lead to the finale and contrary to what the series has been following in every finale, both the brothers are still on earth (oops sorry if that was a spoiler)

Season 9

Season 9 is pretty intense and almost all the episodes are linked and hard on emotions and themes yet

Episode 4 – Slumber Party with Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury, it is one of the impressive episodes that is a bit light and fun to watch

Episode 5 – Dog Dean Afternoon is undoubtedly the hilarious and best episode of the season. This is one episode which you can watch without having to know what has been happening all along.

Rest of the episodes all follow a series of incidents that culminate into one of the most heartbreaking finales

Season 10

200 episodes that how far and how long has the series come

Episode 5 – Fan Fiction this is the 200th episode and it was definitely a treat so do not miss that . The theme was interesting and the execution was even better

Episode 8 – Hibbing 911 is also good with two vibrant characters returning for a fun filled episode Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills and Briana Buckmaster as Sheriff Donna Hanscum