Movie review: Ouija


Movie: Ouija

Starring: Olivia Cooke,Daren Kagasoff,Douglas Smith,Bianca A. Santos

Plot: A group of friends tries to play the Ouija  board in the hope that they could get some answers regarding their recently deceased friend but things turns up fatal when they start playing

Rating: 3/5

Nothing new. Everything tried and tested in about thousands of other horror movies

Thousands of movie and still these kids do not learn the lesson.

“Thy shall not play Ouija board or mess with the dead.  Never. Ever”

Call me psychic or just an experienced movie go-er , that the very first time I heard there was a horror movie for release with the name Ouija, I had predicted the entire plot and even knew who would survive at last. I am happy to announce that I was right to the very last scene.

The plot is way too predictable right from the title screen.

I mean come on! Who could not predict the plot simply by the name Ouija?  Bunch of teens trying to play the board and ends up getting caught up in a really twisted fate and meanwhile side characters gets all killed. In the end only the main star stands breathing while everybody else have been killed off brutally. See downright predictable and almost nothing new at least in terms of plot.

The horror in the movie is created by sudden pop of ghosts, shadows and lights. But do they manage to create an effect? Yes. At times. But not always. The plot tried its hand at being a little suspenseful towards the end but I felt it was too hasty and kind of “obvious plot turn”

Character wise, I felt like barging into the screen and beating the central character, (Laine Morris played by Olivia Cooke) till she turned blue or start using brains. You will understand my feeling once you watch the movie.for the time being let’s just say that the character is the reason why trouble gets started in the first place.I m talking for the character not the actor. Actors can’t be blamed for a plot that had nothing to work around. Everybody kind of did their best to look scared and being chased by ghosts.

While it is not exactly a painful watch it is not that impressive too.

At the end if you want to watch it, you could, as far as you are not expecting to be scared out of your body. You could actually use to it play “guess what happens next”. The movie is simple and good except that it does not delivers much on the horror part.

It is an average movie but not essentially a good horror movie.