TV Review: Constantine

Series: Constantine

Channel: NBC

Plot: The series is small screen adaptation of the character Constantine made famous through DC Comics’s Hell Blazer Series. Constantine is one man’s fight against demons that is waging a war on this earth.

Rating: 2/5

Chaos all Over

I must have checked it at least ten times to ensure that i m watching the series from its very first episode. The premiere episode was so chaotic that my head was spinning out of control after watching it. Nothing made sense and everything was being thrown to you at a rapid pace for you to grab any sense out of anything being shown.

It was like the team wanted to squeeze an entire season into one episode. People and their actions along with their dialogues were all cryptic and i don’t think even the actors were aware of what was happening. On one side there is the confusion over things happening without no explanation, flow or scheme and then as a fuel to the fire you have an english actor playing the central character whose diction is itself a hard shell to crack and add to that the misery of watching his acting that is like somebody on extreme sugar rush

If you have watched the movie Constantine starring Keanu Reeves, then you will understand the grievances i have towards Matt Ryan. while Keanu reeves successfully portrayed the arrogant, troubled and brooding character of Constantine, Matt was unable to convince of the same.

The graphics on the other hand was pretty impressive and a great visual delight but unfortunately without a solid script , a befitting central character, the series is not much to look forward to

If anything goes like the first episode then this series is a thorough disaster waiting to happen but since it has only been one episode so far, i will try for another chance for the series, even though there is no hope visible as of now.


After Watching Second episode 

Yes things have settled down but does that mean it is getting interesting?

sadly No would be an appropriate answer for me. Second episode was more focused if i may say so but the main lead and his accent is still a great concern for me. The episode format more or less reminds me of the series “supernatural”. it is failing to grab my attention and i have actually no particular will to follow it as such. BUT NEVER SAY NEVER


After watching about four episodes

Nope this does not look like going anywhere good. As the series is progressing, i m kind of finding myself comparing this with supernatural. While no doubt it does not stand a chance with supernatural but the format is kind of following the same pattern. Investigating odd occurrences and battling supernatural powers.

Things still is bad with the main lead for me. His accent is still incomprehensible and the jokes or sarcasm kind of gets lost in the deliverance.

Even if all these can be tolerated, there is this bad case of assuming that the viewers knows everything that is there to know and half of the things shown and done are without proper explanations or build up leaving us with blank faces or too much chaos and restlessness.

In my opinion this series need to tone down a bit and little gentler in narration