Book Review: Blood Of My Blood (Jasper Dent #3)


Book: Blood Of My Blood (Jasper Dent #3)

Author: Barry Lyga

Plot: The trilogy finale brings Jasper Dent face to face with his worst fears. His father. At one end he has this urge to kill his father but on the other hand he knows that one little misstep and he will end up being the one thing that he has avoid becoming his entire life. A serial Killer. Things in the finale has gone worst making Jasper take measures that will stain him for life.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Prepare to Squirm

The whole trilogy has spooked me to the core but nothing surpassed the level that was created by the final book, Blood of my blood. The twist and turns just blow your brains out and at the same time could not have been better than what has culminated in the final book of the entire series

I hunt killer started with a bang and piqued curiosity only to be nicely cultivated by its sequel Game. The final book still sees a lot of whining and perusal from its main cast but the whole tempo of the plot has been raised nicely. The pace is good and so is the intrigue level.

The book definitely is not for the weak heart and the finale has a lot of things happening that tests your levels of “heart beat” and “Keeping food down”. Nevertheless the plot is fine craftsman ship in spite of certain squeamish factors to it. The characters are well developed and proceeds through the story with true colors. But the truth is also that while reading this book, you need to have the patience and the open mind of a psychiatrist, who has to sit through and listen to millions of phobias and emotional disturbances and yet manages to keep his own sanity intact.

The entire series is like sitting inside the brain of a serial killer and seeing his reactions and thoughts emerging while wanting to kill someone or killing someone through his eyes. Also it is high on emotional analysis which is also the negative factor in my opinion as you could get away with one person’s internal feelings and thought process but not of the entire cast

Frankly I feel like that This book and the entire trilogy is “how to get away with murder 101”
The book is not going to be easy on you if you are sensitive to violence and a bit of gory details since the whole series is filled with it but the plot is brilliant and so is the narration. The only problem is the lengthy internal conflicts and emotional outpour of each characters that keeps pulling down the pace a bit.